Cafe Karanfil

Not just a Café. Also a Community meeting place with music, art and culture


Karanfil means “carnation” in Turkish. In different social contexts, the carnation is a symbol of political resistance and the solidarity of people who rebel together against injustice.

Café Karanfil is a political home, and an idealistic meeting places. It is solidarity with each other.

Here is how you can support Café Karanfil:

  • Regularly visit us with your friends and organisations
  • Visit our public meetings
  • Are you interested in organising a public meeting in our space? (eg concerts, birthday parties, political meetings, readings etc.) Talk to us or write us a message.
  • If you have a couple of extra Euro free, make a monthly donation
  • Advertise us amongst your friends and organisations.

Karanfil was always a meeting place, a safer space for resistances. We hope that our carnation will bloom for you for a long time.

We all need these rooms to meet, to feel safe being politically active, to have fun, and to share our experience.

Where you can find us

Soli fest

We are meeting on Saturday, 10.08.2023 from 7pm in „filmArche e.V.“ for our solidarity party “Karanfil Solifest”!

We want our Karanfil to be the free space for artists and activists as it’s always been. Therefore we invite you to show Solidarity with our Café Karanfil

Concerts, DJs and cold drinks will be waiting for you.

filmArche e.V.

Lahnstraße 25,

12055 Berlin