++ BREAKING NEWS ++ Court decision in favour of Oyoun confirms our integrity and ends defamation

Court rules that claims made in the Tagesspiegel are false


Press Release from oyoun – Berlin, 25.3.2024

We are delighted to announce that the Berlin Regional Court has ruled in Oyoun’s favour in the preliminary injunction proceedings against the Tagesspiegel. This decision represents a victory for credibility and sends a clear signal about the dangers based on unfounded allegations.

The court ruled that the Tagesspiegel may no longer publish three of the claims it stated in an article dated 20 February 2024.

In particular, it found that the allegation that the Senate favoured Oyoun due to family ties was unfounded. The allegations regarding alleged antisemitic incidents at Oyoun were also found to be unfounded.

This decision confirms the integrity of Oyoun and marks an important victory against defamation.

In light of this court decision, we would like to emphasise that Oyoun has always sought an open dialogue with the media and promoted fair reporting. Although Oyoun has been exonerated of false accusations, it will take some time to fully restore its reputation. This decision emphasises the importance of a fair and impartial legal system that respects the presumption of innocence and delivers just verdicts.

We would like to thank our lawyers – Laaser law firm for arts and creative sector – for their successful and conscientious legal representation and look forward to continuing our work without the shadow of defamation.

For further information or queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Press contact: Louna Sbou, Wayra Schübel – kommunikation@oyoun.de