Bloque Latinoamericano

Migrant self-organisation in solidarity with Latin America


Bloque Latinoamericano is a five-year-old migrant grassroots organization based in Berlin. We understand that being a migrant inevitably implies having our hearts split in two, and therefore our work is currently focused on two pillars.

On the one hand, we make visible and support struggles in our territories, whether in the field of anti-extractivism or in the struggles against the advance of the right wing. On the other, we offer spaces for migrant workers to meet, reflect on our rights, and find common strategies to defend them and fight precarization, especially on the topics of labor and housing access.

These two branches of our work (solidarity with Latin America and migrant self-organization) would be incomplete without a transversal feminist and queer perspective, because the rights of women and sexual dissidences are intimately linked to all the other axes that we address.

We seek to bring our diverse Latin American organizing experiences to this territory because we feel it is important to be active political actors in this city and in this country, and because bringing the migrant agenda to the table is one more step (and a very necessary one at that) on the long road to transforming reality.