Berliner Friedenskoordination (FRIKO)

Berlin’s largest anti-war alliance


In the Berliner Friedenskoordination (Peace coordination – FRIKO), representatives of ideologically varied groups have met since Autumn 1980, to inform about their activities for peace, to link their work and to plan common projects: of peace groups, trade unions, churches and organisations of belief, women’s and youth groups, parties, anti-fascist groups, people working in migration and refugee work and also inddividuals.

The protest against the NATO’s called “rearmament decision” – the stationing of US first strike weapons Pershing II and Cruise missiles was the act that cause FRIKO to be formed, to bring together the numerous activities and the many peace groups which were then in West Berlin, in order to carry out joint activity. Since then, this circle has started initiatives and carried on working in times of resignation.

What we want

FRIKO gets involved, and tries to mobilise quickly when peace actions are needed. It sees its current duties as follows:

  • to develop and carry out a relevant concept for the Ostermarsch (annual anti-war demonstration)

  • to recognise 8 May, the day of Liberation from Fascism, which makes us feel duty bound to anti-fascism and anti-rassism.

  • to organise a rally against war every 1 September (“anti war day” – the anniversary of the 1939 German invasion of Poland)

One much-loved form of action is the sporadic satirical victory parade AMOK (anti-militaristic over-celebrate committee) against the increasingly belligerent militarisation of society.

FRIKO stands vehemently for a 180° turn in German politics:

  • Revocation of the decision to spend an extra 100 billion Euros on the German army

  • No agreement to the yearly military budget of around 80 Billion Euros (at least 2% of the GNP)

  • Revocation of the agreement to purchase armed drones.

  • End the “nuclear participation” in NATO. No nuclear weapons in Büchel! No nuclear bombers for the German army! Sign the treaty banning nuclear weapons!

  • Cancel the contracts for stationing troops in Germany! Shut the US central command!

  • No tolerance for stationing of US hypersound weapons in Germany or commands to use them from here!

  • Reverse the militarisation of the EU! No FCAS and no nuclear power EU!

  • Against all forms of foreign deployment of the German army

  • For a stop to armaments rather than exporting weapons

  • Against the militarisation of society

  • For an end to the stationing and manoeuvers of NATO troops on Russian borders,

  • For a European safety architecture to include Russia

  • For an immediate end to the politics of sanctions

  • For an end to the Ukraine war, and to all theatres of war across the world

  • For dialogue, not confrontation

  • For disarmament, not armament – social security not billions for war.

  • For the recognition of the United Nations Charter

  • For peaceful cohabitation of all people worldwide, irrespective of their sex, the colour of their skin, their family background and their religious beliefs.