BAYAN Europe

Alliance of Filipino progressive organizations


The broadest and most comprehensive alliance of Filipino progressive organizations has come to Europe! Defamation and malign are nothing but an abortive fling to defeat the national democratic mass movements. Those fake surrenderees, and impudent red-tagging against the individuals and organizations in an insistent that the ND movement is waning and irrelevant is as pretentious as the claim that the Philippines is no longer a semi-feudal and semi-colonial society.

The launching of BAYAN-Europe on 12 December 2020 was the Filipino migrants’ answer to the call on intensifying the struggle against the US/China-Duterte administration!

BAYAN Europe is an alliance of Filipino organizations constituting of migrant workers, immigrants, students, youth, women, LGBTQ+, artists and church people.

As the regional information bureau of Bagong Alyansang Makabayan (BAYAN), BAYAN Europe aims to advance the unity amongst the Filipino-led organizations in the continent through education, organization and mobilization for the national-democratic aspirations of the Filipino people.