Yehudit Yinhar on Unlearning Zionism

Yehudit Yinhar (YY), an artist and activist based in Berlin, is co-founder of the School for Unlearning Zionism, which is running a series of online events and an exhibition this month. ,After claims made about speakers in the October program the KHB turned against the project, blocking the funding and the website of the Kunsthalle […]

60 Years Spartacus

On 6 October 1960, the film Spartacus opened in New York City’s DeMille Theatre. TIME magazine celebrated “a new kind of Hollywood movie: a super-spectacle with spiritual vitality and moral force”. The New York Times‘ long-time film critic Bosley Crowther was less excited, dismissing the film as “heroic humbug”, adding that “the middle phase is […]

What is Cancel Culture? And Does it Matter?

Everyone’s talking about ‘cancel culture’, although there is no clear definition about what it actually is. This discussion is, to a large part, down to an article published in Harpers magazine and signed by various prominent writers ranging from Noam Chomsky via Francis Fukuyama to J.K. Rowling. [1] Although the article does not mention cancel […]