Brexit in the time of Corbyn – what’s going on in Britain?

In 2015, within 3½ months of each other, two important things happened [1]. On 27th May, David Cameron announced that there would be a referendum on Brexit. And on 12th September, Jeremy Corbyn was elected leader of the British Labour Party. These two events, which are rarely reported together, represented, in very different forms, the […]

What’s eating Sahra Wagenknecht? Aufstehen, refugees and racism

So, here’s an attempt to answer everyone who is asking “what is going on with Sahra Wagenknecht? [1]”. Shortly after the LINKE party conference in June 2018, Wagenknecht announced her attention to launch a “Sammlungsbewegung” – a political initiative bringing together like-minded people from different parties and campaigns. This was to be called Aufstehen (Stand […]