Paris Demo Supports Black MP against Racist Magazine

As French politics starts up again after the summer, and preparing the 2022 presidentials begins to interest all the mainstream political parties, questions of racism are centre stage – who will win the votes of the ten million people who voted for Marine Le Pen in 2017? In this atmosphere, a hard-right but sophisticated and […]

Macron, the COVID 19 Crisis and Class Resistance in France

Interview with John Mullen (JM) carried out by International Socialists in the Netherlands (IS) IS : I think it’s important to start off with the current crisis. Can you say something about what’s been happening in France?  JM: The virus in France has killed nearly 30 000 people, but the sanitary and the economic  effect of the […]

Macron and France in the Deluge

The epidemic in France has already claimed 2 000 lives, and it is early days yet. Two presidential speeches, Thursday 12th March and Monday 16th March, have transformed life in France, closing school, universities, non-essential shops, parks, cinemas, restaurants and so on. The speeches also transformed French politics, I think, for the next decade, and they […]