April 28 Coalition

For Migrants’ and Refugees’ Rights and Welfare


The April 28 Coalition [for Migrants’ and Refugees’ Rights and Welfare] is a broad Europe-wide formation composed of grassroots organizations, together with religious and non-governmental organizations, civil society formations, institutions, political parties, influencers, academics and concerned individuals.

They are united by the common objective of advancing the rights and welfare of migrants (regular and irregular), immigrants, refugees, asylum seekers, and displaced peoples, and the belief that all people on the continent have the right to equal protection. The concrete campaign demands of the coalition are for states/governments to:

  • Grant regularization and full citizenship rights to all, including irregular or undocumented migrants.

  • Provide health and other social services regardless of immigration status and address homelessness and food insecurity.

  • End immigration detention and deportation.

  • End global inequalities—within and among nations.

The Coalition is organising an online Forum Protest this afternoon at 3pm, featuring Berlin activist Majed Abusalama and other speakers. They will be discussing the situation facing refugees and the urgent demand for regularization and full citizenship rights. Live broadcast is here.