Anti-German and other Germans

A set of two poems




O Israel, long live thou!

We’re the offspring of Nazis,

and there is no One greater

than the IDF


We’re proudly aghast

at our ancestors‘ crime!

Which, as long as we live,

must never happen again!


O Hatred of Jews

In Eternity

Shall our bond be renewed

When we fight against thee


Our guilt is our pride

Our capital, too

Siemens, Diehl, Rheinmetall

Thyssenkrupp, AEG, Heidelberg Zement


Other Germans


Listen, I also don’t support
what Israel is doing in Gaza.
Look at all the dead children!

You’re right, Germany is sending weapons!
It’s a shame!
And now people are even starving!

What are you saying? Protest?

Yeah, I heard about those! In Sonnenallee, right? Those Arabs, Muslims…
They first gotta learn that in Germany they can‘t… Antisemitism…
Islamists, Israel-haters, Hamas-supporters, terrorists, Breitscheidplatz-why-do-they-hate-us … Violence-prone young men… Criminal clans… Failed integration… Shisha bars…

You know, I’m not that bothered by what’s happening in Gaza.