Alliance of Internationalist Feminists Berlin

Our feminism is anti-colonialist, anti-imperialist, anti-capitalist and antipatriachal.


We are the Alliance of Internationalist Feminists, we are different groups, networks & people who define ourselves as women* and/or trans* people. Our feminism is intersectional and positions itself against all power structures. We are an international alliance of organized and individual women* who fight against feminicide just as we fight against the two gender categorizations, border and police and state violence, imprisonment and detention. When we fight against feminicide, we don’t only fight the killing of women because they are women, we also fight against the erasure and destruction of women’s knowledge and of the history of women’s resistance.

  • We fight for the re-appropriation of women’s knowledge, autonomy and self-determination.
  • We fight for liberation from racism, heterosexism, individualism, classism, imperialism and colonialism.
  • We stand together for equality, community living and collectivity.
  • We fight for a world where any of us can live without fear, repression and alienation of any kind.
  • We fight against reactionary social systems as well as against the capitalist system that exploits nature and our bodies.
  • We fight the patriarchy as a whole for a consistently anti-racist feminist politics.

Since 2015, we have been organizing the 25 November and 8 March demonstrations and various events throughout the year. The groups that are part of the alliance are:

On Thursday, 20th July 2023, the Alliance of Internationalist Feminists Berlin and Berlin Migrant Strikers are organising a rally at 7pm at Oranienplatz –  Solidarity with the Resistance of the People of Palestine, with the following slogans:

  • No Justice on Stolen Land!
  • Stop Israeli Apartheid!
  • Power to Resistance of People of Palestine

We welcome everybody to the rally.