Alliance of international feminist*s - Berlin


We are different groups, networks and people who define themselves as women* and/or trans*people, who are organized in Berlin since 2015.Our feminism is intersectional and positions itself against all power structures and relations such as racism, colonialism, capitalism patriarchy and imperialism.

We, the Alliance of internationalist Feminists believe self-organization and self-defense is our strength in fighting against fascism, capitalism, patriarchy and white supremacy. Our struggle has been here all along and is connecting us around the whole world. We stand hand in hand, shoulder to shoulder together. Because the fight of each sister* is the fight of all sisters*. Let us show our determination and autonomy beyond borders. Another world is possible.

Let’s be organized.
Let’s be uncompromising.
Let’s dream big.
Let’s stand up.


FB page: Alliance of Internationalist feminist - Berlin
Twitter: @Int_Feminists

Demo Info
Where: Representation of the European Commission in Germany (Unter den Linden 78, 10117 Berlin)
When: Monday, 08.03.2021, 2pm
+Bring your slogans and signs!
++Cis men are not invited, they are advised to take another action to stop violence against women*.