“After Sabeen“, screening by AKEBi and the PoC art collective

Film on violence against activists in Pakistan, with Q&A session with director Schokofeh Kamiz.


When: 8 July 2023, 16:00
Where: fsk Kino, Segitzdamm 2, 10969 Berlin

Karachi, Pakistan. 24 April 2015. A car stops at a red-light. Inside are two women: Sabeen and her mother Mahenaz. Two men on a motorcycle stop and open fire. Sabeen dies on the spot; her mother gets wounded but survives.

The evening that she was killed, Sabeen Mahmud, founder, and director of the well-known Karachi institution T2F, had hosted a discussion on the unexplained and ongoing disappearances of more than 20,000 activists and civilians in the country. Sabeen had been given ominous warnings by unknown visitors and advice by concerned friends, to cancel this event, which others had refused to host. But Sabeen had gone ahead undaunted.

After the film, there will be a Q&A session with Schokofeh Kamiz, the director of the movie.

The language of the movie is English and Urdu. It will be screened at fsk with English subtitles. AKEBİ is organizing the event together with the POC ART Collective.

AKEBİ e.V. Irkçılığa, Milliyetçiliğe, Ayrımcılığa Karşı Aktivist Eylem Birliği

AKEBİ aims to combat the racist, nationalistic, sexist and discriminatory approaches and practices that exist in Germany and among migrants from Turkey. It organizes actions against racism, nationalism and discrimination of any kind in accordance with its political principles and works to create awareness in society in terms of these principles.


POC Art is an art collective based in Berlin consisting of artists and curators who emphasize the art of People of Color. POC Art aims at organizing cultural events such as film screenings, concerts, talks, and workshops.