Stop Deportation! Protest Camp

Join the Protest Camp against Deportations!


At the Berlin-Brandenburg Airport, the government plans to build a massive deportation prison. Already now, mass deportations via charter flights silently take place there every month. We want to break the silence and are organizing the “Stop Deportation! Protest Camp” in Schönefeld from June 1-6 2023.

Get your tents and sleeping bags ready! Only a few more days before the Stop Deportation! Protest Camp starts ✊✊

We expect around 500 people to sleep at the camp:
⛺️ 6 days full of workshops, trainings, panel discussions that focus on the daily realities of anti-deportation struggles
🎤 an evening schedule with live-concerts, films and theater
🍽️ 3 meals per day are taken care off
✨ there’s a kids programme, sports, library & exhibitions
🏕️ sleep in your tent next to the airport
📢 and at the end we will take to streets in protest against the planned deportation center at BER airport

The Camp will be a place for:

  • Workshops & Skillsharing
    So many people and groups are already doing great work to fight and resist deportations and structural racism. Let’s share our knowledge and learn from each other.
  • Raising Awareness
    The camp will show presence in the Schönefeld area and raise awareness about deportations, deportation detention and the perspectives of affected people.
  • Connecting Movements
    We believe it is necessary to build a broader movement against deportations and for the right to stay. At the camp we can get to know each other better and connect.

Join the Camp from June 1-6 2023! To make our planning easier, please sign up for the camp at (not mandatory, it is also possible to join spontaneously). In the sign-up email, please let us know how many people you will be, if you are organized in a group, if you can help us with translation or need translation for our workshops, or if you need support with anything.

Participation in the camp is of course free of charge. We will ask for donations for the food at the camp. Having little economic resources should not stop you from attending the camp. If you can’t donate anything, that’s no problem!

If you need financial support for travel expenses to the camp, please contact as soon as possible. You will need to bring your printed ticket/receipt to be reimbursed. In order to reduce costs, please purchase your tickets as early as possible and consider using the “Deutschland-Ticket.” If you have the possibility to financially support the camp, please consider donating via our crowdfunding


Stay updated on:

DEMO: ABOLISH DEPORTATION Monday, 5 June 13:30 | Rathaus Schönefeld

During the Stop Deportation! Protest Camp, we will march together upon the infrastructure of deportation that is spread around Berlin airport. Let us take this time to express our verbal rage against this racist system, against this whole architecture of deportation at the airport and let it inspire us to turn Schönefeld into a regular place of anti-deportation resistance! After days of camping together with workshops and networking on how we can resist the system of deportation, we will take to the streets and loudly demand: Stop All Deportations! Abolish the racist machinery of deportation!

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