Tech Workers Coalition


“Tech Won’t Save Us — Organise!” Is the leading cry of the Berlin Tech Workers Coalition. Founded in June 2019, we have an active mandate to organise the fastest growing (and least organised) labour sector in Berlin. We’re an all volunteer, and democratically ran collective.

We’ve organised over 40 events in the past year, ranging from practical Know Your Rights training, to advanced Works Council (Betriebsrat) training, and different themes including workplace racism, property tech speculation etc..

Most of our organising/learning is company and sector based (e.g. workers of N26 finance-tech bank, or workers across platform gig economies) but we also have and interested in city wide campaigns, for example BerlinVsAmazon is a campaign made up of primarily “non tech workers”.  

We organise monthly general meetings (now online) every month on the 1st day at 19:30, so join the next October 1st meeting!

You can subscribe to for our newsletter/slack (which we screen), and also find us on our social media (@TechWorkersBER on them all) (TwitterInstagramFacebookTelegram).