Transnational Migrants Coordination


The Transnational Migrants Coordination (TMC) was born after months of struggles and communication among migrants and non-migrants’ collectives from across Europe, Morocco and Turkey, in the first attempt of transnational organization of migrants and to overcome isolation in times of pandemic.

After two days of action in May and June, the TMC called a transnational day of migrant struggle on 17th October, calling all migrants, refugees, asylum seekers, collectives, groups and supporters, to demonstrate throughout Europe and beyond. The time has come to take back migrants’ lives.

Migrants organize in different ways: hunger strikes, demonstrations, strikes and protests inside the workplaces, in the domestic space and in the public one. These struggles are often limited to a single place or localized disputes. But the system that migrants face does not end at national borders and the freedom they fight for can’t be confined within a single place or a particular dispute. Even if there are issues that must be faced locally, and governments, institutions and employers must be held responsible for their acts, what is at stake is the possibility to assert migrants’ freedom at the transnational level against a whole system of exploitation and racism.

Migrants, especially women, continued to conduct the essential works when the world was locked down but institutional racism and violence at the borders did not stop. In this respect, the Covid19 emergency showed that migrants’ lives were considered "expendable" because while they were doing all the essential work, their lives were not considered essential enough to be protected with the anti-Covid measures or the state aids offered to citizens.

The transnational demonstration on the 17th of October was our response to the revolt called by the migrants trapped in Lesbos: after the burning of Moria camp we don’t need relocation, we don’t want another camp. We want freedom within and beyond the borders of Europe, we want a European unconditional permit for all to be free to move and fight against violence and exploitation.

At 5pm on Sunday, 22nd November, the TMC is organising a Public Online Assembly aimed at building a transnational political space to connect and empower migrants' struggles.