Results of the LINKE Berlin Internationals meeting on preparing for the elections and the fair rents referendum

These minutes contain a brief description of the different projects introduced at the meeting on 3rd May, and where to go if you want to get more involved. This will usually be the address of a Mattermost channel on one of the following 2 groups:

  • Linternationals – this is the Mattermost group of the LINKE Berlin Internationals. If you’re not yet a member of this group, send a mail to

  • theleftberlin – this is the Mattermost group for website and associated social media. If you’re not yet a member of this group, send a mail to


These groups contain different channels to discuss specific issues. Follow the links below to continue this evening’s discussion. If you already have ideas about what you think we should do next, please post your suggestion.

Die LINKE Election Campaign

Discussion of translating leaflets, meetings in other languages etc. takes place here.

Deutsche Wohnen & Co Enteignen English-language Right2TheCity Group

To join the group, visit the RT2C Web page, or send an e-mail to Website relaunch

We are looking for volunteers to help transfer pages from the current website to the new one. If you’re interested, please register here. If you’re interested in joining the editorial team, register here.

Social media

To join our social media team, please register here.


If you want to help us start producing podcasts, please register here.

Public meetings

If you have suggestions for possible topics for public meetings between July and September, make them here. Please also say if you are interesting preparing the meeting(s). Once we decide on the topics, we’ll make separate channels for each meeting.


Monthly food and chat. We’re planning the first one at the end of May near Oranienplatz. If you can help, register here.

Summer Camp

4th-5th September in Hermsdorf Naturfreundehaus. If you want to help prepare Summer camp register here.

Other Events

  • On Tuesday 11th May at 8pm, DSA Berlin is organising a reading group about the German Green party. Sign up here.

  • On Saturday 15th May, there’s a Palestinian Cultural festival on Hermannplatz. We will be having a stall, and if you can help out, please register here.

  • Later the same day, at 4pm Palästina Spricht is organising a demonstration starting at Oranienplatz. We’ll meet at our stall on Hermannplatz at 3.30pm and go there together. If you want to meet us at Oranienplatz, please let us know.

  • On Monday 17th May at 7pm, we’re organising a public meeting Discussing Palestine in Germany. If you’d like to help with the preparation, register here.

  • On Saturday 5th June at 3pm, we’re organising a meeting Cancel Palestine together with Palästina Spricht and the Jüdische Stimme. This is part of the Öffenes Neukölln festival