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Video - Ten Years after the Arab Spring

Updated: Jan 27

New Insurgencies in the Arab World

This is the video of the online meeting that we held on 22nd June, 2020


• Maya Zebdawi - Palestinian political activist and a member of the student movement and the 'Nationalizing Banks' campaign in Lebanon.

• Hamza Hamouchene - London-based researcher and activist. He is the co-founder of Algeria Solidarity Campaign (ASC) and Environmental Justice North Africa (EJNA). He currently works for the Transnational Institute (TNI).

• Shadia Abdelmoneim - Political activist, human rights defender specially women rights, a founder member of "No to women oppression pressure group, a member of the Sudanese women union. She is the political secretary of the Sudanese Comunist Party branch in Germany.

One question was put to Maya towards the end of the meeting, when she didn't have the time to answer: "What role did the Lebanese Communist Party play in the October uprising comrade maya?"

This is her answer:

The Lebanese Communist Party (LCP) and particularly the youth and students' department within it worked on

1. ensuring the demands of the Intifada be politically and comprehensively contextualized through spreading its discourse via public discussion groups and seminars held in Riad El Soulh square and elsewhere within Beirut and other cities.

2. it worked on providing logistical and organizational support for young protesters coming from different Lebanese cities. the comrades built a tent that acted as a shelter and a safe space for political discussion.

3. the LCP offered its medical support for protesters during clashes via its medical volunteer team 3. and it worked and is still working extensively on developing the Lebanese university student movement in the face of regime sectarian politics and privatization. 

That being said, the LCP was expected to radicalize furthermore the public discourse, to engage actively with the refugee labor rights movement, and to provide more support to migrant workers. it failed to fully address or commit to these duties. though the reasons of these failures are numerous, on the top of which is the regime's security apparatuses' systematic hostility against leftists in general and communist particularly, it is essential to note that the strong point of the leftist movement can only be realized in the union of the LCP with the newly rising radical organizations (which include a number of feminist groups). A united front is the most vital necessity for the new wave of the Intifada in Lebanon and more broadly in the Arab world. This is the yet unfulfilled duty of the LCP, bearing in mind that it is a collective duty of all developing political organizations as well. 

I hope this suffices as a short answer.

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