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UK: What we need to combat Corona

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

by Oliver Pye

Photo by Ashkan Forouzani on Unsplash

In the United Kingdom, we need a ten-point-programme or something similar, and we have the experts, our doctors, nurses in the NHS to say what we need.

  1. Recruit 100,000 paid volunteers (e.g. medical students) to man call centres, testing facilities in every community, and crisis centres in the hospitals to process the info and coordinate mass testing

  2. Wage rise and overtime pay and special support (childcare etc) for hospital staff

  3. Rapid mass production of test kits

  4. Organised mass testing of everyone and coordinated monitoring of quarantine measures

  5. Rapid mass production of ventilators and other necessary equipment and medicine to save lives of those affected

  6. Community support groups for vulnerable, old, infirm and in quarantine

  7. Immediate safe haven for refugees stranded in Greece under immense threat of virus with not medical or hygiene support

  8. State control over big supermarkets and coordinated guaranteed supply of food and toilet paper with 200,000 extra well paid jobs to organise online delivery service for food and meals on wheels

  9. State requisitioning of all major hotel chains to provide housing and quantine possibility to most vulnerable (homeless, refugees in camps, women fleeing from domestic violence)

  10. Basic guaranteed income for everyone to avoid social catastrophe.

Oliver Pye is a Labour Party member and a democratic socialist

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