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Today is Trans Day of Remembrance

Every year on November 20th, the lives of trans and gender-diverse people reported murdered in the past 12 months are remembered and honoured around the world.

In the past 12 months, 331 trans and gender-diverse people were reported killed globally.

Berlin has a history dating back to at least the 19th century as a site of liberation and repression for transgender people.

Tonight, activists from the initiative "self determination now!" for Trans*, Intersex* and Non-Binary people will talk about their work and their campaign and the actual situation in Germany.

The so called "Transsexual Law" (Transsexuellengesetz) from 1981 is still in force and says that for someone to change their name and gender in official documents there must be a judicial procedure and psychological/psychiatric report.

But only the people themselves know what gender they have - not the state, no therapist, no court.

Therefore the initiative demands self-determination for everybody and the abolition of the "Transsexual Law".

The event is tonight, November 20 2019, 19:00 at FAQ Infoladen, Jonasstr. 40 12053 Berlin.

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