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The Sahrawi diaspora demands Germany’s active commitment to a peace plan in Western Sahara

Why Sahrawi demonstrated on 28 November 2020 in front of the Brandenburger Tor against the Moroccan occupation of their homeland

by the Sahrawi Diaspora in Germany

Picture from the demonstration on 28 November

Sahrawis in Germany strongly condemn Morocco’s violation of the 1991 ceasefire agreement with the liberation movement Frente Polisario negotiated by the UN.

On 13 November 2020, Moroccan armed forces advanced into the Guerguerat region in the South West of Western Sahara – an area in which any military presence is strictly forbidden. The obvious aim was to complete the expansion of a trading route to Mauritania with a newly built and mined wall through the are controlled by the Polisario – and to secure this street from protests by Sahrawis. With the building of the wall, Morocco has de facto extended the are which it occupies, which constitutes a planned flagrant breach of the ceasefire agreement. With the invasion of the Moroccan troops, the Polisario has declared this agreement to be ended. Since 13 November 2020, there has been a state of war.

Western Sahara is Africa’s last colony, and has been riled since 1963 by the UN as a territory without without self-government. 45 years ago, the colonial power illegally handed over the rule of Western Sahara to Morocco and Mauritania. Since then a large part of Western Sahara has been under Moroccan occupation. No country in world has officially recognised this annexation. The International Court of Justice and countless UN Resolutions have confirmed through the years the right of Sahrawis to self-determination.

“The status of human rights in the occupied part of Western Sahara is precarious. Peaceful demonstrations in the occupied territories have been brutally broken up by the police. Human rights activists have been imprisoned or disappeared without a trace. Human rights are being trampled on, we lack the right to self-determination, there is illegal international trade with fishery products, phosphates, vegetables and many other natural resources. These are just some examples”

stresses Emma Lehbib from the Sahrawi diaspora in Germany.

The Sahrawi Diaspora in Germany calls on German politicians not to watch on inactively while human rights and international law are violated by Morocco for further decades. Only political pressure and solidarity with the Sahrawis can implement the referendum for self-determination which has been due since 1991.

“Our peaceful people have been forgotten, disappointed and betrayed by European and international politics. This also applies to Germany. Today we are protesting in Berlin against this unacceptable state of things which now must come to an end. We call on the German government to stand up for the implementation of the UN peace plan in Western Sahara which was negotiated in 1991”

says Hamdi Mohamed Salek from the Sahrawi Diaspora in Germany’s


e-mail Diasporasaharaui6@gmail.com

Berlin, 28 November 2020

Translation: Phil Butland

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