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Petition: 90% pay for furloughed workers

Updated: Mar 28, 2020

Many workplaces in Germany are shutting down and cutting working hours, and employers are turning to a government scheme to cover wages until things go back to normal.

The scheme is called 'Kurzarbeitergeld' and there is one big catch: you only get 60% of your normal wages, or 67% if you have one or more children.

Needless to say, this will mean serious hardship for millions of people.

The federal government is expected to decide on Monday whether to increase the percentage. The trade union ver.di has launched a petition calling for Kurzarbeitergeld to go up to 90%.

Paying the rent despite Corona - 90% Kurzarbeitergeld now!

Petition text translated by The Left Berlin

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The Corona crisis has public life firmly in its grip. In politics, very important decisions are being made. The Corona crisis is now turning into an economic crisis for many. Millions of employees are now dependent on Kurzarbeitergeld (KuG). We do not have much time!

On Monday (23.03.2020), the Federal Government, including Minister of Labour and Social Affairs Hubertus Heil, Minister of Economics Peter Altmaier and Parliament will probably decide whether KuG will be increased to 90 percent of previous net earnings or not. 90 percent KuG would relieve families and single people. We need this protection.

Thousands of people see their economic existence threatened as a result of the Corona crisis. Rent payments, credit payments as well as normal running costs are, for many people with the current KuG, barely or not at all affordable. 60 or 67 percent KuG is not enough!

Workers who are already financially challenged in normal life due to their low income are now particularly affected. The Federal Government and the companies must act. The Federal Government must also provide financial support for companies. At the same time, the question remains as to who will ultimately bear the brunt of the crisis. The fundamental

principle "People before profits" must not be forgotten! The financial ruin of people damages social cohesion, as well as consumer in the post-Corona era.

Want some examples?

• Flight attendant at a low-cost airline that can no longer fly and lives in the Frankfurt area now only gets €700 KuG. Rent and living costs? Impossible.

• Temporary worker with child (tax class II) at the airport... No planes = Kurzarbeit. Previously €1650 gross (€1223.73 net). Kurzarbeitergeld = €819.75. With 90 percent short-time allowance it would be €1101.35 net.

• Service employee without child in a hotel or restaurant (tax class I). No guests/diners means Kurzarbeit. Previously gross (without tip) €2000 (= net €1415.51). Now in short-time work: €849.97. With 90 percent short-time work compensation, the net amount would be €1273.95.

3 examples, but there are many, many more!

Everyone is making his or her contribution in the crisis. And we say thank you to all those who care for us - whether in care, trade or drivers in public transport! Those who cannot or may not work must also be protected.



Share the petition! Sign it! Be solidaristic! Together we are stronger!

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