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On the new Chilean Constitution

by Héctor Pujols – Coordinadora Nacional de Migrantes de Chile, Nerea Fernández – Co-Coordinator of IU Exterior and Víctor Hugo Saez – Red Europea por los Derechos Cívico y Políticos

This Sunday, one year after the beginning of the popular rebellion, the Chilean people are called to a plebiscite to decide whether or not they want a new Constitution to be written. Among them, 12,000 Spanish residents with the right to vote.

From IU Exterior we encourage both the Spanish emigration living in Chile and the Chilean emigration, with whom we share migratory experience all over the world, to participate in the plebiscite.

The plebiscite will allow the creation of a new democratic Constitution, ending with the one left by Pinochet in 1980, carried out under fraudulent conditions.

A Constitution that institutionalized the neoliberal model and inequality for this country.

An extreme liberalism, with inequalities that make 3% of the population have the greatest wealth of the country.

On Sunday there will be two ballots: the first, with the option "I approve" or "I reject" the drafting of a new Constitution, and a second where the mechanism for it will be chosen.

There are two mechanisms: one is mixed, where half is the current Parliament, and the other half is elected, and one is the Constitutional Convention, where all the people can participate, where 100% are elected.

But, attention, the struggle goes on.

The people of Chile know that the only way to definitively break the locks of the dictatorship and change the model is popular organization, the creation of an alternative.

It may be an important point in the accumulation of forces for a much deeper constituent process.

Only by organizing ourselves, both from emigration and from our territories, we will be able to reverse the neoliberal policies and let the people alone be in charge.

We are before a great opportunity: the possibility that, as comrade President Allende said, "to open the great avenues again" ("abrir de nuevo las grandes avenidas").

(The possibility) that it opens the way to a process that should continue in April, with the election of the constituents, and in the case of the people abroad we are also giving the battle so that we can also have representatives of Chilean origin living abroad, who are present in the construction and the redaction of this new Constitution.

For a dignified Chile, on the 25th we approve and vote on the Constitutional Convention.

¡Fuerza, Chile!

Translation: Jaime Martinez Porro

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