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News round-up, 29 August 2020

Updated: Aug 28, 2020


State does too little to protect Muslims

Christine Buchholz (die LINKE) complains that even after the Hanau attacks, security in mosques is not yet a topic for state protectors. She believes that, especially as leftists, the party must always defend minorities against racist attacks. She reminds us of a long history of cooperation with the Central Council of Muslims, ZMD, for example in the fight against the right. At the end of the interview, Buchholz reminds about the relevance of namely granting Muslims the same rights as members of other religious communities. Source: nd

Some Germans Will Be Happy to See U.S. Troops Leave

President Trump’s decision to cut the U.S. deployment in Germany by nearly 12,000 troops angered many Germans. But a few of them will be actually happy to see this happen. Some political figures and activists say the U.S. bases on German soil made the country complicit in the American drone wars in Africa that have killed many, including civilians. Also, attacks on Somalia have risen sharply during Trump’s term. The target of those airstrikes is usually al-Shabab, a group with ties to al Qaeda. But many civilians have been killed, too. To this day, not a single victim has been compensated by the U.S. military. Source: foreignpolicy.com


Russian dissident Alexei Navalny 'stable' after arrival in Berlin

The politician Alexei Navalny landed at Berlin after being airlifted with the help from the NGO Cinemas for Peace. He is being treated for suspected poisoning at Charité. The hospital confirmed it admitted Navalny and was carrying out an "extensive medical diagnosis." Navalny left Russia early Saturday on a flight bound for Germany following more than 24 hours of wrangling between German and Russian medics. Russian doctors have said there is no evidence of poisoning. Angela Merkel was among those who pushed for a speedy transfer for Navalny to Germany. Source: dw

No limits to the right

A demonstration against the anti-Corona measures planned for Saturday in Berlin was banned, and its participants react indignantly in message groups such as "Querdenken Duisburg" and “Lateral Thinking.” The movement is not particularly conspiratorial. However, the way such reactions have developed on the last days shows how necessary a demarcation line against extremism must occur. The Nazi small party "The III. Weg" announces for instance that members want to march along. The German Union of Journalists (DJU) warns that such a mixture can be dangerous. Source: nd

Ban lifted: Muslim woman wins legal dispute

Berlin cannot prevent Muslim teachers from wearing headscarves on the grounds of its Neutrality Act. The Federal Labor Court rejected an appeal. In November 2018, the court had awarded a Muslim teacher around 5,159 euros in compensation because she had not been employed in the teaching profession because of her headscarf. According to the Erfurt judges, a general preventive ban to maintain school peace should not be considered. Rather concrete reference points for an endangerment of the school peace must occur. With its decision, the Federal Labor Court follows the line of the Federal Constitutional Court. Source: islamiq

Berlin leftists want to "put capitalism on a chain”

The pandemic has clearly shown the importance of a functioning health system, support for the weak in society, affordable housing, and green places and other open spaces in the city. With this on mind, Katina Schubert (die LINKE) demanded at last Saturday's party conference better pay and working conditions for employees in care and hospitals. She was also critical of the agreement between the Senate and Galeria Karstadt Kaufhof (GKK), considering that such deal can actually work for the company's own construction plans, and not for the community. Schubert is concerned too with an eventual "dismantling" of the S-Bahn once a tender was recently launched for two of the three suburban train subnetworks. Source: Berliner Zeitung

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