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News round-up, 25 July 2020


Suddenly right-wing extremist?

Since the "Union of Turkish-Islamic Cultural Associations in Europe" (Atib) appeared in the latest report of the BfV, there are accusations that it promotes nationalism with right-wing extremist influences. Many German politicians from various parties are demanding an end to state cooperation with the Central Council of Muslims. The Council and Atib reject the allegations. Tarek Baé, journalist and scholar, points out that Atib has already existed for 33 years. Baé believes that the mention of Atib in the BfV was a political decision, and that

2019 was considered a quiet year for Atib. The online magazine "Islamiq" noticed the report mentioned the term "Islamism" 139 times. The topic "Islamophobia" was mentioned only in the prologue. Source: nd

German far-right, neo-Nazi group targets reporter Deniz Yücel in new wave of threats Deniz Yücel, previously imprisoned in Turkey, is latest target for threatening e-mails from German right-wing. Police in the state of Hesse are facing awkward questions. The letters were signed "NSU 2.0". The German authorities first learned of the emails fitting this pattern in 2018. Since then, hundreds of messages involving threats of violence, death and bogus bomb threats have been emailed to politicians, celebrities, and Jewish organizations. Source: DW

AfD files complaints against Angela Merkel in top court The AfD has filed lawsuits against Chancellor Angela Merkel over statements she made related to the election of Thomas Kemmerich during her official trip to South Africa last February. The AfD accuses Merkel of "abusing" her office and "violating" the equal opportunities for political parties guaranteed in the German constitution. The far-right party also asked the court to look at allegations that "calls to boycott the AfD" have been published by Merkel's government on its official websites. Those lawsuits come shortly after the top court ruled in favor of a different AfD lawsuit against conservative Interior Minister Horst Seehofer for violating neutrality rules. Source: DW

Deadly hatred of Jews and "foreigners" At the beginning of the trial against the assassin of Halle, the accused revealed a shocking degree of racism and xenophobia. claimed that Jews were "the main cause of the white genocide" and had organized immigration in 2015. This had provoked him to arm himself. However, he was very reluctant to answer questions about his personal circumstances. They had "nothing to do with the crime", he said in a bossy tone. The Attorney General accuses hoim of 13 offences of murder. Because of the seriousness of the crimes, a life-long preventive detention is possible after serving the expected prison sentence. Source: nd

Former SS Nazi guard convicted in Germany's 'last' Holocaust trial A 93-year-old former SS Nazi concentration camp guard has been found guilty of accessory to 5,232 murders and handed a suspended sentence of two years. This may be the last verdict on a Holocaust perpetrator in a German court. The judge acknowledged the former SS guard's willingness to take part in the trial and listen to the testimony of victims, but said that he refused to recognize his own guilt right until the end. The trial presented something of a surreal spectacle: It was held in a young offenders' court as Bruno D. was only 17 when he began his service as guard at the Stutthof concentration camp in 1944. Source: DW


Bulgarian nurse in court for her overtime working hours There are hundreds of such cases in Germany: a nurse from Bulgaria signs an employment contract for 30 hours a week in a local household. However, between 2015 and 2016, she worked 24/7 and is now asking for €90,000 payment. An amicable settlement would cost the Bulgarian company which managed her contract €10,000. If the company files for bankruptcy, however, there will be nothing. Justyna Oblacewicz (Faire Mobilität) hopes the settlement will sends a signal to an industry which often exploits caretakers. Source: nd

"Yallah, Yallah: Migrantifa" against police violence

Under the motto "Germany has a racism problem" more than 1,500 people marched on Saturday from the Victory Column to Moabit Prison. The demonstration marked a weekend action against police violence, demanding the redistribution of resources from security equipment to other areas such as education, health care and housing. “Migrantifa” first appeared after the murders of Hanau in last February. The group also intends to work on criticism of leftist structures, with a more welcoming approach for migrants. On Sunday there was a demonstration in Charlottenburg. The goal of the participants goes beyond equality: they want a “complete social change.” Source: nd

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