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News round-up, 22 August 2020

Updated: Aug 22, 2020


Outrage over video of officer placing a knee on man's neck

In Düsseldorf, a police officer was caught on video restraining a young man by placing his knee on his neck, similar to what happened to that of George Floyd. During the video, which lasted 15 seconds, people were heard demanding that he be released. Düsseldorf police said that the suspect assaulted the officers, was restrained, and sent to the station for identification. He was later released. The incident will be investigated by a different police department to ensure neutrality. Source: DW

Federal Constitutional Court: "Containers" are still punishable

Taking food that is still edible from the dumpster of a supermarket can still be punished as theft - this was decided by the Federal Constitutional Court on last Tuesday. Two affected students as well as the Gesellschaft für Freiheitsrechte (GFF) filed complaints against this. In vain: Karlsruhe announced the legislator may in principle also protect the ownership of economically worthless property under criminal law. With the action form of "containerisation", they also wanted to protest for ecological reasons. The students were sentenced to serve eight hours of community service each and received a 225-euro fine. Source: jW

For a new beginning in Mali - withdrawal of the Bundeswehr

On 18.8.2020 a mutiny occurred at the Malian military base Kati. President Ibrahim Keïta was arrested and, in the middle of the night, he announced his resignation. For months, protests happened against the government, as an expression of a long period of dissatisfaction with the social, economic, and political conditions. The German government condemned the coup and called to return to "constitutional order". The protest movement has repeatedly made it clear that this is a farce. The military coup once again shows the international military presence - including around 1,000 soldiers from the German armed forces - is of no use to the people on the ground. The Bundeswehr must be withdrawn from Mali immediately. Source: Christinebuchholz.de

Kevin Kühnert does not rule out grand coalition

Jusos leader Kevin Kühnert (SPD) does not want to rule out a new grand coalition after the 2021 federal elections. According to his own statements, Kühnert also supports Olaf Scholz as the SPD's candidate for chancellor. He did not believe himself capable of running for chancellor. But he wants nevertheless to play an important role in the election campaign and explain to young people what social democratic politics stands for. Source: zeit.de


Arson attack on Berlin pub "Tomorrow will be better"

The pub "Morgen wird besser" in Lichtenberg was almost completely burnt out. This is already its fourth attack within a few years. The owner received the last threatening phone last week: "I want you to leave." He had already received similar calls from time to time, and his bar had also been sprayed with anti-Semitic slogans and motifs. A solidarity rally was announced for Tuesday at 6 pm before the bar. Hanna Reichhardt (Jusos) tweets this is her regular bar once she lives in the area. She also demands that right-wing extremists be removed from the neighborhood. Source: tagesspiegel

Demo in Berlin against the Hanau shootings

In Berlin, people honored the victims of the attack in Hanau and demanded a complete clarification. Up to 2,600 participants were in Neukölln for a demonstration under the motto "Racism and racist murders - six months have passed since the attack in Hanau, which killed nine people." Among others, the Green Youth Berlin, the Berlin Alliance against Right and the Initiative of Black People in Germany were named as supporters. According to police estimates, more than 120 people attended a commemoration on the Hanau market square on Wednesday evening, where a minute's silence was observed and a demand for a complete investigation of the crime was made. Source: süddeutsche

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