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News round-up, 15 August 2020

Updated: Aug 15, 2020


Hamburg police seize 1.5 tons of cocaine

Hamburg authorities found 1.5 tons of cocaine in a container freight. It is one of the largest quantities ever seized there. This has an estimated street value of around €300 million and was hidden among sacks of rice. Officers found there 47 large packages hidden between the rice sacks and within those packages, a total of 1,277 small parcels with cocaine. Those parcels had various symbols on them. Among them, a cat's face and the Ampelmännchen. Authorities presumed the cocaine was to be distributed to all over Europe. Source: DW

Powerful technocrat

Olaf Scholz, Vice-Chancellor, wants to change his image. The SPD has now chosen him as its top candidate for the 2021 general election. Scholz was responsible in 2001 for a law which allowed the forced administration of emetics to suspected drug dealers to secure evidence. This practice was abolished sometime later. When he brought the G20 summit to Hamburg in 2017, there were fierce clashes. Curiously, during the Corona crisis, he approved economic stimulus packages. Nevertheless, he has been repeatedly viewed skeptically by left-wing comrades. But this does not mean that Scholz should be underestimated in the Bundestag election campaign. Source: nd


Renewed protests in Berlin against controversial election in Belarus

About 70 people demonstrated on Tuesday evening at Potsdamer Platz against the controversial presidential election in Belarus. Some signs called for "Freedom for Belarus". There was already another demonstration in Berlin on Monday evening. The protests are directed against the re-election of Alexander Lukashenko, who received 80 percent of the votes on Sunday, according to official figures. International election observers were not allowed. Furthermore, the police in Belarus violently attacked government opponents. They used tear gas, stun grenades and rubber bullets. The European Union threatened the leadership of the country with sanctions on Tuesday. Source: rbb

Prosecutors are being transferred

Investigations into a series of right-wing arson attacks in Neukölln, which has not been solved for years, have been hindered by bias. According to information from the Tagesspiegel, one of the two public prosecutors is said to have requested a transfer. In June it became known a police chief commissioner is also under investigation, who is said to have contact with one of the suspects via a former AfD chat group. Because of the lengthy and unsuccessful investigations, there have also been accusations against the police for years. Source: taz

Works Council @ N26

The original signatories from the German neobank N26 were prevented from conducting a meeting for voting on the Electoral Boards of N26 Operations GmbH and N26 GmbH. However, ver.di, the union supporting the process, has offered to chair the meeting themselves. This means that the elections will still happen, at the same time and at same place, namely:

Hofbräu Wirtshaus Berlin, Karl-Liebknecht-Str. 30, 10178 Berlin

N26 Ops GmbH: 1 - 4 pm on August 13, 2020

N26 GmbH: 10 am - 1pm on August 14, 2020

The original signatories will not be present, given the injunction. But they can still be voted for to serve on the Electoral Board in their absence. Source: worker26

Berlin police scandal: Investigator for racist attack in court, victim deported

A police officer, who is currently being indicted for a racist attack on an Afghan, was a member of the "Investigation Group for Right-wing Extremism" (EG Rex). Stefan K. was also in charge of investigating the series of attacks against left-wing projects and individuals in the Neukölln district. The Afghan who suffered the attack was deported to Afghanistan in last March, according to the Refugee Council in Berlin. Although the Afghan has not yet been convicted of various petty offences, he has been considered a "criminal offender" and given the “exceptional” permit for deportation. In 2017, the victim was racially abused and beaten up at a Berlin train station. Source: jW

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