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News from Germany and Berlin: 5 September, 2020


Nawalny poisoned with nerve agent

The Russian Kremlin critic Nawalny was poisoned with a chemical nerve agent according to the Charité. "Alexei Nawalny was the victim of a crime," Chancellor Merkel said in a first statement. Nawalny has been undergoing treatment at the Berlin Charité. Russian security authorities stated so far that they have seen no reason for investigations. Russian doctors declared that they had found no evidence of poisoning. Nawalny´s condition is stable. He is still in an intensive care unit, in artificial coma. There is no acute danger to his life, but long-term consequences of the "severe poisoning of the patient" are not foreseeable. Source: Süddeutsche

More perpetrator than victim protection

Ulrich J. Wilken (die Linke), vice-president of the Hessian state parliament, considers the investigation on the case NSU 2.0" is still based on presumptions. He says that the connections between illegal personal queries from police computers and the menacing letters and death threats signed with "NSU 2.0" are remarkable. He believes that Interior Minister Beuth and Minister of Justice Eva Kühne-Hörmann are not doing enough concerning the case. Telephones and computers from suspects were not searched. He also criticizes that Bündnis 90/Die Grünen speeches or press releases can only be distinguished from those of the CDU by the letterheads. Source: jW

Linxxnet, the alternative Leipzig office for members of parliament, celebrates its anniversary

Linxxnet will turn 20 years old. Since its beginning, the office has been a neighborhood store that provides initiatives with a wide range of services. The resourceful chaos at the place contradicts a traditional concept of order, but proves to be quite successful: Juliane Nagel, for instance, was able to win two mandates for the state parliament. “Die Linke” tends to cultivate a different habitus and confers importance to participation and networking with civil society such as in Linxxnet. Its model has been imitated in other cities (Erfurt, Berlin, Göttingen). As a challenge for the future, Nagel hopes that Linxxnet´s energy will flow again into its role as a "think tank" - and less into organizational processes. Source: ND


Berlin makes masks obligatory for larger rallies

After the march on last August 29, Berlin has decided on enforcing wearing masks at all future protests with over 100 participants due to rising infections. Masks also must be worn at smaller demonstrations, if people are chanting slogans or singing. The Saturday demonstration, which was quickly declared illegal by police after protesters refused to follow coronavirus regulations, ended with a group of right-wing extremists attempting to storm the Reichstag — the seat of the German parliament. The decision will come into effect from September on. Further new regulations should also come. Source: DW

“Shameful scenes” at the Reichstag

Participants rushing at the Reichstag during a protest on last Saturday against coronavirus restrictions, carried nationalist flags. Scenes like that were considered by the German government as “shameful.” The incident was compared to that of 1933, when a fire engulfed the Reichstag, just four weeks after Hitler was named German chancellor. The German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier urged citizens to do their part to reject far-right ideologies. Since 2015, Germany has witnessed an increase in far-right activity. In the beginning of 2020 it was found out that former law enforcement officials were behind a series of threatening letters from the "National Socialist Underground 2.0." Source: DW

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