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News from Germany and Berlin: 19 September, 2020


"We wanna persevere"

Rifat Tekin, who works at “Kiez-Döner”, was called as a witness in the trial against Stephan B. On October 9, 2019, the latter murdered two people and tried to enter a synagogue planning bloodshed. Judge Ursula Mertens wanted to know what plans Tekin has for the future. He said he and his family want to persevere and stand up for Germany. His brother, the owner of the diner also stated: “We are all foreigners on this planet." He also wonders why such incidents happen again and again. The Jewish Students' Union (JSUD) is helping the kebab restaurant financially with an appeal for donations: by Tuesday noon, it had received €6,706. Source: nd

Taboo Kaiserreich

"We want our emperor back! We want to return to honesty", was shouted at a “coronademo” in Baden-Württemberg. In Berlin, the Reichstag staircase was flooded with imperial flags. These are signs of fantasizing about a time with a powerful man at the top, without annoying, corrupt politicians in between. However, at the imperial time, the Kaiser had to have every single decision approved by the Imperial Chancellor, even public speeches. And vaccination was mandatory for children: parents who did not comply had to expect even prison. Although fans of the empire might not be reached by such arguments, the empire should be brought out of the taboo zone. Source: taz


G20: Searches in Berlin and Athens

In Berlin and Athens, the Federal Prosecutor's Office acted against suspected left-wing extremists on Thursday. Investigators suspect there are links to the riots happened at the G20 summit in Hamburg in 2017. There were at least six searches in Berlin. In addition, two residences in Athens were to be searched, but arrest warrants were not available. In August there was also similar house searches of suspected members of the "Roter Aufbau" group in Hamburg. The searches were also related to the G20 protests. Source: nd

Fines for public transport users not wearing masks

BVG figures show 470 fines have been given to passengers who were not complying with compulsory mask use. The Senat has agreed that fines can be imposed on bars, cafes and restaurants which do not record contact information of their guests. Bergmannstraße (between Nostitzstraße and Schleichermacherstraße) will soon be car-free. Police searched the premises of several suspected left-wing extremists. A number of properties, including the anarchist library kalabal!k, were targeted. According to DPA, police say the targets were connected to riots at the G20 summit in Hamburg in July 2017. Source: ExBerliner

Red Flag: cyclists thrown under the car

At the beginning of the pandemic, Berlin created a handful of "Pop-Up Bike Lanes." On Kottbusser Damm, Hallesche Ufer, Kantstraße, among others, bicycle “roads” were set. Apparently, such lanes did not represent a huge inconvenience for drivers. An initial study showed that car traffic did not slow down noticeably. The lanes were even extended to the end of the year. However, a week ago, an AfD member in Berlin's parliament sued, and Berlin's administrative court acceded, considering that such lanes can only happen in a "situation of danger." However, in a single week four bike riders were killed in Berlin. It is necessary to rethink the city. Source: ExBerliner

Expropriation is allowed

Berlin’s petition for a referendum on the socialization of housing has been allowed. The activists had to wait 15 months for an end to the legal review, and the Senate will decide on the statement within the next 2 weeks. This would allow the compilation of signatures to begin after the further deadlines that the Chamber of Deputies has set. If more than 170,000 supporters are gathered, the referendum can then take place in September 2021, which is parallel with the Bundestag election. The Berlin rent cap was introduced to try to avoid this happening. Source: nd

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