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New name for the Left Fraction in the European Parliament

Perspectives for the European Left facing the new EU budget

by Özlem Alev Demirel MEP

After a long debate, it’s done. THE LEFT is the new name of the Left fraction in the European Parliament. THE LEFT replaces the barely pronounceable fraction name GUE/NGL

Names are just empty words for sure, but hopefully in the case the new name will help us to better convey the politics of THE LEFT. Our fraction is united in many criticisms of the EU budget. The first budget line for rearmament, the further increase and upgrade of the inhumane isolationist politics of Frontex & Co, and the lack of social conditions for the recovery funds are just some of the grounds on which Die LINKE in the EU parliament will vote no to this budget (more exactly to the multi-year financial framework) if it is put to a vote in parliament.

But we’re not yet there. Poland and Hungary are blocking the EU budget, although not for progressive, but rather reactionary reasons. They want to hinder legal principles that must be valid in the member states, in order to retain funding. This is fully unacceptable, especially if you consider how much pleasure the EU takes in playing the schoolmaster in front of non-member states.

If the EU commission wants to enforce the supposed rule of law, while simultaneously breaching all valid legal standards concerning securing external borders and leaving people to die, it really cannot be taken seriously when it comes to fundamental rights and civil liberties – which, incidentally, must also include social rights.


Özlem Alev Demirel

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Özlem Alev Demirel is the joint leader of the LINKE fraction in the European Parliament. This article first appeared in German in her Newsletter. Translation: Phil Butland. Reproduced with the author’s permission

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