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Loud and resolute against Nazi march on 3rd October

'A call for Action', by 'Bunter Wind für Lichtenberg'

Together we take an active and determined stand against discrimination and exclusion. Anyone who disparages or excludes other people because of their appearance, skin color, language, origin, region, sexual identity, disability or way of life will face our resistance. (Principles of "Bunter Wind“ for Lichtenberg, 2019)

Together we will protest against the planned march of the neo-Nazi micro-party "The III. Way“.

The party, which is ideologically oriented towards the NSDAP, would like to advertise its human contempt in our district again after 2017.

For the first time since the founding of a Berlin base in 2015, they want to carry out a parade in Berlin under the motto "A people for the future! Preserve home. Stop foreign infiltration. Smash capitalism!“

In doing so, they position themselves clearly against the commitment of everyone who stands up for human rights in a diverse society.


During the Corona pandemie, (extreme) right-wing actors are increasingly trying to use social insecurity and restrictions in public life for their agitation. Together we oppose marginalization and discrimination with a culture of solidarity:

What unites us is our commitment against racist and discriminatory hate speech and advocacy for humanity and human rights. We protect people affected by right-wing, racist and inhumane attacks.

(Principles of "Bunter Wind“ for Lichtenberg", 2019)

We call for people to join the protests for a society of many on October 3rd. Together we show the neo-Nazis and their sympathizers that there is no place in our district for their racist agitation.


  • 11:00 am - 12:30 pm Forecourt Lichtenberg train station

  • From 1:00 pm Linden-Center (District: Hohenschönhausen)

We ask you to comply with existing hygiene regulations independently and in solidarity.

Further information on the announced protests:

This leaflet is also available in German, Vietnamese and Russian. Taken from the Bunter Wind Lichtenberg Website and reproduced with permission.

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