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International Sanctions against the Annexation!

Open letter to Heiko Maas, Minister of Foreign Affairs, the Federal Republic of Germany

First signatories at the bottom of this article

We are writing to you in the name of organizations fighting against the occupation, and the objectors’ movement in Israel, and in solidarity with the myriads of Palestinians who are under threat of deportation and dispossession from their lands.

Your visit to Israel, a few weeks before the deadline announced by the government of Israel for the announcement of a unilateral annexation of Palestinian lands beyond the green line, which constitutes a blatant breach of international law and United Nations Security Council decisions, gives us hope that it is in the world’s power to stop this pyromaniac move.

At the Nuremburg trials, the illegal annexation of Austria by Germany, the Anschluss, was recognized as the first international war crime committed by the Nazi regime, which in turn led to the second world war, the holocaust, and the many more war crimes that followed. The federal republic of Germany was founded on the basis of commitment and respect for international law and the peace between nations. This commitment is put to test with the Israeli government act of a state annexation of the lands of a neighboring people.

Today as well, we stand on the brink of an annexation which includes the theft of another people’s land, which has the power to deteriorate the Middle East and the whole world to another horrible war.

The government in Israel wishes to justify the annexation by ratifying it through a Knesset majority, but this is the same parliament where the masses of Palestinians living in the annexed land have no voting rights, nor is there any intention to give them such a rights, or any other basic civil rights.

A regime such as this cannot be defined in any way other than Apartheid.

As organizations and activists against the occupation, we have for many years initiated cooperation between Israelis and Palestinians, we have refused to enlist to the Israeli army which oppresses another people, and we made sure to keep the torch of the struggle for peace lit.

The annexation is a point of no return, in the ability to bring about a just and sustainable peace – and resistance of the annexation must be heard loudly, and not just in side-rooms. The time for actions has come.

We ask you, and ask the German government, in your roles in the European Union and the United Nations Security Council – to object to the annexation in a clear and loud voice and apply the full range of sanctions and actions of International Law to prevent its realization.

First signatories of this open letter:

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