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#FreeDemirtaş: Free All Political Prisoners

Solidarity Concert with

  • Maviş Güneşer & Guests

  • Compania Bataclan

  • Hakan Vreskala

26.02.2020 * SO36 * Oranienstr. 190, 10999 Berlin Einlass: 19.30 Uhr

Selahattin Demirtaş, the former Co-Chair of HDP - Peoples' Democratic Party is still unjustly imprisoned in Turkey. The decision of the European Court of Human Rights for his immedeate release was not implemented. Even his right to health treatment was recently violated until a widespread campaign around the issue surged.

Selahattin Demirtaş is not the only person who suffers from the state violance and unjust treatments of the government in Turkey, but certainly he is a vibrant symbol of the struggle for democracy and peace. Therefore it is of great importance to keep his figure in the spotlight and the demand for his freedom actual and alive.

Last year, the family members of Demirtaş initiated the campaign #freeDemirtas in the social media which ubiquitously grew just before the final decision of the European Court of Human Rights. Since then, many events were held particularly in Germany under the umbrella of this campaign with the support of HDP activists and prominent Turkish/Kurdish figures in exile.

#freeDemirtas Initiative was recently launched in Berlin as well and it is organizing a big solidarity event: "#freeDemirtaş Solidarity Concert" which will take place on 26.02.2020 in SO36 at 19.30 on. The facebook page of the event can be find here:

Apart from the performances of the bands, there will be German politicians and representatives of NGOs who work around the human rights' violations in Turkey at the event to give short solidarity messages.

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