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Court drops charges against Berlin activist

Updated: Apr 5, 2020

The prosecution of a Berlin refugee activist will be dropped in return for a €300 donation to a migrant aid organisation, a court has decided.

Adam Baher had been charged with resisting police officers five years after the eviction of the refugee sit-in at Oranienplatz in Berlin.

More than 50 supporters turned up in solidarity with Adam yesterday, filling the courtroom for the hearing at the Amtsgericht Tiergarten, which lasted just 20 minutes.

Adam agreed to a one-off payment of €300 to Xenion, a non-profit treatment centre for traumatised refugees.

The prosecution came a few months after Adam submitted an application for German citizenship.

Adam had been arrested in April 2014 during the evication of the Oranienplatz refugee protest camp. In 2015, the police arrested him once again at Oranienplatz - without giving any reason.

"Nothing has changed in the situation over which we demonstrated at that time," Adam told Neues Deutschland. "People are still dying on their way across the Mediterranean."

Now that the charges have been abandoned, Adam's application for German citizenship can proceed.

Rote Hilfe is collecting donations towards Adam's legal costs.

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