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Election in UK: Vote Labour, Vote Corbyn

Updated: Nov 18, 2019

DIE LINKE Berlin Internationals group offers its support to the Labour Party in the forthcoming British elections. We call on the 140,000 Britons living in Germany to vote Labour as the only credible alternative to Boris Johnson’s neo-liberal austerity.

It is becoming increasingly clear what a Johnson Brexit will look like – more racism, more cuts, and an attempt to sell off the NHS. The poisonous debate around Brexit has divided the country, and only Corbyn’s Labour is trying to unite the many who suffer at the hands of a few profiteers. Labour will negotiate the best Brexit possible, then allow the country to decide.

But this election is about much more than Brexit. Years of Tory-Lib Dem austerity have wrecked millions of lives. Members of the Windrush generation have been deported to countries that they don’t know. 72 people were allowed to burn to death in Grenfell tower for the sake of profit. It is time for radical change.

We reject the idea that a vote for the Lib Dems is at all progressive. In 2010, many people voted for the Lib Dems after Nick Clegg promised to scrap tuition fees. Clegg ensured that the cost of tuition fees trebled. With Jo Swinson, the Lib Dems have a leader who is even more reactionary than Clegg. Swinson has refused to work with Corbyn, and has consistently voted for austerity.

We are living in a scary world, where right wing populists and open fascists are gaining electoral support. A vote for Corbyn will help stem that tide, and could help provoke a new left surge in international politics. Corbyn’s personal experience in solidarity movements means that activists worldwide are following his campaign with excitement.

Die LINKE Berlin Internationals helped found Berlin4Jeremy, which, together with similar initiatives, is fighting worldwide for a Corbyn vote. This includes a rally at Brandenburger Tor on Saturday 23rd November (12 noon). We invite all our supporters to join this campaign. You are also invited to our meeting about the election on 25th November with Carol McGuigan, chair of Labour Berlin (7pm, Roter Laden).

Whatever happens in the British elections, the fight against austerity will continue, in Britain and worldwide. For the Many, Not the few

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