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Bourgeois Charity

To commemorate the double anniversary of Kurt Tucholsky (born 1890, died 1935)

by Kurt Tucholsky

Kurt Tucholsky. 1928. Photo: Sonjy Thomassen. Source: Wikimedia Commons

Look at this rest home for employees Of a group of corporations. They serve in the morning crackers with cheese And in the evening collations. There’s also a park for strolling around …  Fine! That’s the penny. But where is the pound?

They give you handouts which they record As proof of love for their neighbor. They furnish a modest maternity ward, For they are dependent on labor. They even pay for a hole in the ground …  That is the penny. But where is the pound?

The pound has landed a thousand-fold In somebody else’s pockets. The shares are bought, and the shares are sold, And the dividends climb like rockets. Broth for the many – steak for the few. The pound for them – the penny for you!

Workers! Don’t fall for their trickery lines. They owe you more than they’re giving. They owe you the land with its grain and vines, The textile mills and the copper mines, Your happiness and your living. Take what you get – like something you found. Remember your class. Make it mighty and sound. For you the penny! For you the pound! Fight!

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