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Biden story

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

by Victor Grossman

A reader of my diatribe on Biden advised me to check two articles on the subject in INTERCEPT. Here is my reaction to them

Thank you very much for telling me of the two articles. I've read them and was greatly surprised to find them there - but greatly interested. You might try reading them again: both are (perhaps purposefully very complicated) attempts to retell the story in a way which exonerates the Bidens. Very transparently, as a matter of fact.

They admit - but try to whitewash - the fact that Biden pressured the Ukrainian government to fire the prosecutor who was investigating his crooked son. They also try to whitewash the phony "Anti-Corruption Centre" in Kiev, quoting it as if it is an unbiased agency fighting for truth and justice, but also disclosing that it is run by "the American-educated lawyer Daria Kaleniuk" and "has received funding from Soros’s Open Society Foundation but also from the E.U., the U.S., the governments of the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and the Czech Republic, the Global Fund, and hundreds of concerned Ukrainian citizens." 

In other words, it is part of the system set up after the bloody events at Maidan Square in 2014, planned, financed and supported with, at the very least, $5 billion. They were handed out by V. Nuland, Hillary Clinton's deputy in the State Dept., who named the man to head the new government and use him to force the Ukraine into a break of ties (and stand-off) with the Russians and a tie-in with NATO - for economic, political but primarily militarily strategic reasons (shown by any look at the map).

Of course Biden was in on this (though his scandal-ridden son was probably just pushed far from the US scene with a cushy, well-paid job to keep him out of the limelight). When his crookery was about to be investigated by a Ukrainian prosecutor (who is of course being labeled as the truly corrupt element), Biden threatened, with a six-hour deadline, to either fire him or get cut off from a billion bucks for the Ukraine. (Somehow no-one questions this US interference in the Ukrainian political scene, but then it's considered OK if "we" do it! It's evidently only evil when Putin or Trump can be hit.

Both articles are sneaky attempts to somehow defuse earlier more truthful articles, turn the story inside out - and save Biden, certainly with the intention of preserving him as a counterweight to Sanders. It's a pity many good people are falling for it!

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