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Berlin shows solidarity with SYRIZA government

Banner of The Left at the soli demo with Greece

Banner of The Left at the soli demo with Greece

Hundreds of activists gathered on the 11th of February in Berlin as part of a European Day of Solidarity with Greece. The activists gathered in front of the Berlin European Commission office with banners, participants shouting ‘End Austerity’ and ‘Hoch die Internationale Solidarität’. Die LINKE Berlin Internationals group ‘The Left’ has set up a Berlin solidarity network with activists from Greece that will organise solidarity actions and invites interested people to join the network. 

The demonstration had a vibrant atmosphere with activists choosing to march to the Brandenburger gate, despite police hindrances. The calls for action, such as from Blockupy to block the proposed opening of the European Central Bank on the 18th of March, were welcomed with cheers and slogans. Below are more photo’s of the action.

Die LINKE Berlin Internationals group ‘The Left’ welcomes all international activists living in Berlin who want to get involved with future solidarity actions in support of the Greek government. If you want to stay updated about future actions. Send an email to in-europa@die-linke-berlin.de stating Greece in the subject line.

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