Minutes of our organising meeting, 29th March 2020

1. Current political situation

  • Coronavirus is dominating all political discussion while limiting our ability to be active.

  • Alongside questions of health it is raising secondary questions around increased state powers and the viability of the EU.

  • Although many people have more time than before, there is also a degree of emotional burden, so while we want to maintain our activity, we don’t want to overwhelm people


2. Meetings

  • A whole load of new online meetings are being organised by other people. We want to be part of this, but only where we are adding something to the many meetings that are already being organised.

  • We want to make people aware of other meetings being offered – especially in English. This includes music, performances etc. If you have suggestions, please get in touch.

  • Our meeting on citizenship in the India and the UK was well-visited with 30 people attending. A video is also available at https://www.theleftberlin.com/post/video-citizenship-and-racist-violence.

  • While the meeting generally went well and the speakers were good, the format means that people are less willing to take part in the discussion. We have discussed a couple of ways of mitigating this, for example, a round of introductions at the beginning

  • We will keep our rhythm of monthly meeting, including the meeting on Latin America on 27th April. As well as Tomas Uson, we may ask someone who has been involved in the womens’ movement in Argentina, Brazil or Chile

  • As a one off, we would like to organise an extra meeting on how the Corona Virus is affecting different countries. We have set up a working group to organise this (so far, Judith, Hanna, Tom and Phil. If you’d like to be part of this, please get in touch).

  • Because the future political situation is so unclear, we don’t want to set topics for future meetings yet, but if nothing changes, we have a provisional title for May 25th: Judith Benda on “Is the EU over?”


3. Web work

  • More or less since the Coronavirus crisis started we’ve been publishing 2 new articles a day on www.theleftberlin.com, and particularly on our special page https://www.theleftberlin.com/blog/categories/coronavirus

  • New articles are posted around 8pm every day. This is organised by a team of about 10 writers, editors and translators working in a MatterMost chat group.

  • We are looking for more people to help our Web team. If you are interested in helping, please get in touch.

  • The work on our website has helped us to improve our weekly Newsletter. The first Newsletter in the new format came out last Saturday. Please send feedback (especially on how it can be made even better)

  • The Web work costs money. We’ve therefore set up an appeal at https://www.theleftberlin.com/donate. Please forward this appeal as well as articles from the Website (announced every evening from our facebook page).


4. Conference in October, Summer camp in Hermsdorf, other meetings

  • the team organising our planned international conference met last week and set up a no-budget draft programme. We are hoping for some money to invite some speakers from other countries, but the conference is possible on no money

  • In theory, we are planning the conference for October, but we are making no definite decisions until things are more certain with the Corona virus

  • We are also cancelling all planned face-to-face meetings, including the one to plan our Summer Camp in Hermsdorf and the LAG elections.

  • If necessary we will postpone Summer Camp, but will not take a decision till after Easter. Ferran will talk to Sylvi Müller (treasurer die LINKE Berlin) to ask whether we have already paid, and what happens if we want to cancel or postpone

  • “Normal” LAG meetings, such as the one on Latin America and the extra meeting on the Coronavirus will still take place, but will be online.

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