Minutes of our organising meeting, 28th April 2020

1.Feedback from recent meetings


Attendance was great (30 at the meeting on COVID-19 in different countries, over 70 at the meeting on Latin America). The Latin America meeting had problems with the software which meant that lots of people lost contact.

We had a discussion about switching from Jitsi, which is free, decentralised and open-source software, to Zoom, which is corporate-controlled software with a poor security record. Zoom seems to be more reliable, but using it raises political issues. The tentative plan is that for speaker-focused meetings, only the speakers will use Jitsi, and everyone else will watch via Youtube, which should reduce the risk of problems.


This does however require another solution for text chat, because to chat in Youtube you have to be logged in to Google, which we do not want. Tom is going to investigate this and will consult with the organising group about the exact setup for the next meeting.


The COVID-19 meeting is already online at https://www.theleftberlin.com/post/the-coronavirus-in-gaza-spain-and-new-york. The Latin America meeting will be available soon.

2. Coming meetings


Because of the interest in our meetings, we will move to a new rhythm, with meetings on the second and fourth Monday of each month. So far the following meetings are planned:

  • 11 May: EU (working title: “COVID-19 crisis. What is the EU doing?”) speakers: Judith and Dimitra. Judith and Dimitra will come up with a title and meeting description (hopefully in time for Saturday’s newsletter)

  • 25 May: Cuba. Partly because of the role of Cuban doctors against COVID-19 and continuing sanctions. Partly as part of the International Week of Anti-Imperialism struggle https://www.antiimperialist.org/. Judith and Hanna to find a title and speakers [idea: either invite Kathleen’s sister or ask her for recommendations]

  • 8 June: Italy under COVID-19: Marco and Phil to find a title and speakers

  • 22 June: something to do with the Arab world. Needs a bit more work :)

3. Joint meetings with Labour Internationals

  • A meeting is planned at the end of May with Andrej Hunko, Laura Pidcock (invited) and parliamentarians from New Zealand and Iceland

  • A follow-up meeting is planned from a movement perspective: the guy who organized the amazon walkout, the Denver nurses stopping Trumpists, organizers of rent strike, etc.


Things are still in the planning stage, but Phil is in contact with the organisers

4. Report back from Web team

We have now been posting 2 articles a day (3 at week-ends) for one month

We are developing partnerships with other Websites, where we publish their articles and they ours, which means that we are regularly getting new articles

We currently have 12 articles waiting to be published

One slight problem: Thom paid for a years subscription to WIX and we need to repay him, We have set up a campaign for donations (https://www.theleftberlin.com/donate ). Please give generously

5. Anything else?

On Thursday, Tom will publish an article about all the actions which will be happening on 1 May. If you know of anything, please contact us

We have signed a declaration to set up a new coalition April 28 Coalition for Migrants' and Refugees' Rights and Welfare. We’ll publish this declaration with more info on our Website soon

Hanna has just done an interview with the German press about abortion rights in Poland. We’ll translate the interview and put the English version on our Website

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