Minutes of our organising meeting, 17th November 2019

1. What’s going on in the world?
Reports from different parts of the world. The question was raised, whether we should concentrate more on Asia and Africa.

2. British elections

40 people attended the launch meeting of Berlin4Jeremy, where 7 working groups were set up.

The next big event is a rally at the Brandenburger Tor next Saturday (23rd November) at 12 noon.

People must register to vote by 26th November. For those who will not be in the UK, it is better to get a Proxy vote that a postal vore, which have the habit of arriving too late.

At our LAG meeting on Monday 25th November, Carol McGuigan, the chair of Labour Berlin will be talking about the election. Phil will make colour leaflets advertising this meeting and our Christmas party, which Judith will print out.

The LAG has just issued a statement on the elections, which is available on our Website.


3. Keihnachtsfest

We have our Christmas party in Café Plume on Saturday 7th December. British spoken word artist Jacinda Nandi will be performing, as will Chilean singer Nicolas Rodrigo Miquea.

Official start is 8pm and if you get there early enough, there’s free punch.
As ever, we’ll be running a raffle. Prizes so far include

- new book by Victor Grossman

- 3 volumes of Das Kapital in German

- cd by Nicolas Rodrigo Miquea

- book by Jacinta Nandi

Ideally we’d like to have as many tickets as people, so if you have anything we could give out as a prize, please contact us or bring it along. Similarly if you would like to suggest a prize, we still have enough budget to buy a couple more.

If no-one else springs in, Ferran will organise the raffle in the evening.

We need to organise micros and speaker for Nicolas and his guitar. Hanna is working on it, but if anyone can help, please get in touch.

We also need to organise wrapping paper for the raffle prizes


4. Big meetings next year

We have applied for funding for 3 big public meetings in 2020:

- the lawyer in the legal case against Golden Dawn has agreed to come to Berlin. The LINKE LAG Antifa are interested in organising with this. If so, they can provide a speaker about the NSU case in Germany. Our Greek speaker is not available before February. Contact person is Dimitra

- Marc Botenga, leading member of the Belgian Workers’ Party would also like to visit us. He will be in Berlin at the beginning of January as part of a Belgian delegation to the Liebknecht-Luxemburg demo. He must leave Berlin directly afterwards, but may be able to come early. If not, we can organise the meeting later in the year. Contact person is Judith.

- a 1-2 day conference on trying to link the social upheavals of the last 20 years (Sudan, Chile, Hong Kong, ….) There is a chance of getting funding from the rosa luxemburg stiftung, for which we need to draw up a concept. Elizabeth, Hanna, Dimitra and Phil will meet soon to draw up the concept. If the rls don’t give us funding, we have also applied to die LINKE Berlin.


In May, die LINKE Neukölln is organising a series of meetings, films etc. in May. Our member Antigoni is on the organising team which will meet tomorrow. We have been invited to possibly organise a meeting, which could be one of the above (for example with Greek lawyer, NSU expert and someone from the Bündnis Neukölln).


5. Slogans for stickers

We want to produce stickers with following slogans:

  • Fair rents now

  • My Body, my choice

  • No One is Illegal

  • System Change not Climate Change

  • Trans rights are Human rights

  • Fight Islamophobia! Fight Anti-Semitism! Jewish.Muslim Solidarity

  • Solidarity in various languages (English, German, Arabic, Turkish, Spanish, Polish, Chinese, Russian)

NOTE – looking at this list, there are 7 slogans, not 8 as I’d thought. So we have the chance of one more slogan – or could someone remind me what I missed?

Antony will design the stickers, which should look like they’re part of a set and contain our logo and Web address. He will also contact print companies and ask about costs.


6. LAG membership
To protect our conference delegate, we need all LAG members to register at https://dielinke.berlin/nc/partei/igag/lag-internationals/eintreten/. Please sign up and ask everyone you know to sign up, LINKE party members are particularly useful to ensure that we get a conference delegate, but please sign up even if you're not a member.


7 Possible meetings next year

Our meetings in January – March next year will be on the following subjects (not necessarily in this order):

  • Migration/Borders (with Sarah Mardini and/or Alarm Phone)

  • Latin America (precise country / subject to be decided depending on how things develop)

  • Green New Deal


We will also consider the following subjects later in the year

  • Africa

  • Hong Kong / China

  • US Elections (Elizabeth to find out when the best date would be)

  • Spain (maybe as a separate meeting, together with Izquierda Unida / Podemos)

  • Middle East / Lebanon


8. Solidarity with Adam

There is a court process against Sudanese refugee activist Adam Baher. We would like to offer our solidarity, but are aware that the campaign should be led by Sudanese people and refugees. Tom and Phil will talk with our contacts to see what they would like us to do concretely.


9. Strategy debate in die LINKE

Die LINKE is currently engaged in a strategy debate about how it goes forward. We would like to be part of this debate, and will therefore organise an extra meeting outside our normal LAG meetings. At this meeting (timeframe March-April) we would like to do the following:

  • Report back from the strategy conference (planned for February)

  • Discuss what our contribution is

  • Discuss possible resolutions to the June Berlin party conference

  • re-elect our speakers and conference delegate(s)

Because of the elections, we need to announce a date and place at least 5 weeks before the meeting takes place


10. Anything else?

  • There is a demo against AfD Conference, 30 November in Braunschweig. Phil will contact the people organising buses to see if we can all get tickets in the same bus

  • We have received an offer by someone who is visiting Berlin from the US and can speak at a meeting at the end of November on labor struggles and political situation in the US. We don’t have the capacities to take over the orga, but if someone else can organise it, we will do what we can to publicize it (including letting him introduce it at our LAG meetings

  • There’s an international Sudan conference in Mitte on Saturday. This clashes with the Corbyn rally, but lasts all day, so its possible to go to both