Minutes of our organising meeting, 15th July 2020

How did the meeting on Palestine go?

Very well, we think. The video is available at https://www.theleftberlin.com/post/video-occupation-annexation-and-racism-where-is-israel-going-under-netanyahu

We need to get in touch with partner groups and chairs more quickly, but in general the attempt to have a half-live, half-online meeting worked very well.

Coming meetings: Police response to BLM, China

For our August meeting, we need to first see if Danielle Obono is able to speak. As a black, female French MP she can provide a unique perspective about how the French police treat black and Gilets Jaunes protestors

Our feeling is to combine a discussion about French policing with reports from other countries, and to keep it intersectional (eg Ray Goodspeed from Lesbians and Gays Support the Miners and one of the female German LINKE activists who received Nazi death threats sent from police computers. We’ll work on this as soon as we hear from Danielle.

The September meeting will be on China, given the EU-China summit that will be taking place in Germany. Working title: “New cold war versus a multipolar 21th century”. Kevin Lin has agreed in principle to speak. We will talk to him and others about setting a title and date.

Phil will talk to Ingar Solty about the possibility of organising this and other meetings in cooperation with the rosa luxemburg stiftung. Maybe Ingar can chair?

Report back from Web team

The Website www.theleftberlin.com is now formally independent of the LINKE Berlin Internationals, although most of the editorial board are members of our group. The Website will commission Yossi Bartal to write an analysis of the Antideutsche and has ideas for other commissioned articles. If anyone has any further suggestions about how the Website should develop, please contact Tom and Phil who are members of the editorial board.

Report back from the Hermsdorf team

Our “Summer Camp” will take place in the Naturfreundehaus Hermsdorf on 12-13 September. There are 7 bedrooms available to families, groups of friends and individuals. No-one is expected to share a room with anyone they don’t know. Once the rooms are booked out, there is also a lawn where people can bring a tent and camp.

We have to live with the fact that more people than usual will not be sleeping on-site. This means that we will offer more activities on Saturday, and start the Sunday programme later than planned.

We will issue a full programme soon, but here is a rough overview:

  • We will have 2 big meetings for everyone, one on Saturday, one on Sunday. In one of these meetings, Franzy Brychcy and Corinna Genschel will be invited to speak about Germany’s Super Election Year 2021. In the other, Thom will organise someone from Deutsche Wohnen Enteignen to speak about the rental situation in Berlin.

  • On Sunday, we will have a half hour presentation on how the Website is going

  • Other than that, we will have 3 bands of 3 parallel workshops. In each case, the workshop will last for an hour, followed by half an hour of everyone together discussing what we have learned

  • So far, the suggested workshops are as follows:

    • How can we use social media (Tina and Tom, contact Tom)

    • the fight of care workers (Adina, contact Hanna)

    • Berlin for India (contacts Phil, Mihir)

    • 10 years Arab Spring (contacts Sudan Uprising and Hossam via Phil)

    • Palästina Spricht (contact Hanna)

    • Stop the privatisation of the Berlin S-Bahn (contact Phil)

    • fight LGBT-free zones in Poland (contact Hanna)

    • Tech Workers Alliance (contacts Tom and Yoni)

    • BLM / Migrantifa (contacts Phil and Ferat)

  • If any of these workshops can’t happen, the first reserve is Berlin for Bernie and the US election (contact Ted)

  • we still need to work out a culture offer (Jacinta Nandi may be free to read from her new book, is there a film we want to show?), catering, cleaning and other stuff.

  • We would like to have a first draft of a programme in the next week or two, also somewhere where people can register so we can organise accommodation

  • All accommodation and participation is free. We will ask for a voluntary contribution to cover food costs.

Anything else?

Berln for Bernie is in the process of turning themselves into an international chapter of the DSA and are looking to work with other groups. We should look at organising a joint meeting around the election and see what else is possible. Contact person is Ted.