Minutes of our organising meeting, 14th January 2020

Our “normal” meetings

We will keep the agreed schedule:

  • 27 January - Bush fire catastrophe. Why is Australia burning? with Australian environmentalists/socialists Clare Peterson and Kate Cahoon

  • 24 February - Visiting a Bangladeshi Clothing factory - or why there is not ethical consumption under capitalism with Tekle Selargrew

  • 23 March – Borders (final title to be decided)

  • 27 April – Social Movements in Latin America with Tomas Uson (who’ll be just back from Chile and Peru)

For the Borders meeting we’d like to invite someone from India and someone to talk about the hardening EU borders


Public meeting on Golden Dawn and the NSU

The meeting is jointly organised with the LAG Antifa. It will take place on Saturday, 7 March in Karl Liebknecht Haus (Luxemburg Saal)

The speakers have now confirmed:

  • Thanassis Kampagiannis (lawyer in the case against Golden Dawn)

  • Cologne-based activists against NSU (organised by the LAG Antifa). They have a meeting tomorrow where they can give more information

  • Ferat Kocak about the situation in Berlin

Antigoni Ntonti will chair

The meeting will be in German, but Thanassis will speak in English. This means that it should need little extra effort to translate the German speeches into English. Translation into Greek may be too complicated to organise, but we expect that most Greeks in Berlin will understand either English or German.

Ferat asked if he should also talk about the situation in Turkey. Ferat should concentrate on Berlin, but it would be great if members of the HDP/HDK could come and make contributions about Turkey from the floor.

The idea is to take input speeches from the speakers followed by questions and discussion from the floor and summing up.

A chat group has been set up to organise the meeting. So far, Antigoni, Dimitra, Ferat, Phil and members of the LAG Antifa are in this group. If you’d like to join, please contact us at lag.internationals@dielinke.berlin

Tom will organise that the meeting will be filmed.

We need to discuss more fully how we can advertise the meeting in various key groups (die LINKE; the autonom scene, Greeks in Berlin)


Meeting at the LINKE Neukölln Conference, 21 March

We have been asked to organise a workshop at this conference. Contact partner is Antigoni

Our suggestion is that we tie the meeting with the strategy debate which is currently being held in die LINKE, with a title something like: “Strategies for the International Left”

We have slightly changed our suggested speakers:

  • Mario Candeias (rosa luxemburg stiftung) on the international debate and its impact on Germany [Mario is interested in speaking, but can’t confirm whether he’ll be free till 24 January]

  • Carmela Negreta (Spanish journalist) on the left in government in Spain

  • Sudanese activist on parties and movements in the Global South


The meeting will be in German.


LINKE Strategy Debate

This year, there is a Strategy debate going on in die LINKE about which way forward. There will be a conference in Kassel on 29 February / 1 March. We would like to be part of the debate

So far, Antigoni, Hanna, Phil and maybe Judith are going from our group. If you’d like to go, please contact us at lag.internationals@dielinke.berlin.

You must pay for your own travel and accommodation but we are seeing if we can get some subsidy from the party.

Registration is nearly full. If you want to go, fill in this form ASAP


We will be organising a meeting in April to discuss what we think of the strategy debate. At this meeting we will also discuss resolutions to the next party conference and elect our conference delegates and speakers. This meeting will probably take place in the week 20-27 April. Doodle to follow.


Week-end Conference

In the second half of 2020 we are planning to organise a conference on what social movements across the world can learn from each other

We now have a concept about the Conference which we will send to the rosa luxemburg stiftung in an application for funding. The speakers at the conference will depend on how much funding we have.

As soon as we are clear about our budget, we will approach our allies (mainly international activist groups in Berlin) to ask whether they want to help organise.


Our Website www.theleftberlin.com

We had a very good meeting last week and have set up an online group to organise our Web presence. If you’d like to be part of this group or just want to know more, please contact us at lag.internationals@dielinke.berlin.



We have selected our favourite 5 stickers, and hope to get them printed on the 2019 budget. Fingers crossed.


Theory vs Practise

We need to continually discuss our role in the international Berlin Left. How much do we organise activities and how much do we just let people know what other people are doing? This will be discussed in more detail at our Summer Camp (see below).

At the moment, we can coordinate between different exile groups in Berlin and help them get in touch with Die LINKE. We also can help inform non-Germans just what is happening in German politics.

As a contribution to the last aim, we want to add an extra small part of our monthly meeting – an introduction to our latest newsletter, which gives a brief overview of current politics in Germany. Tom will do this at the meeting on the 27th. We’ll then see how things go from there.


Summer Camp in Hermsdorf, 18-19 July

Our annual Summer Camp has been booked, and we will set up a group to organise an agenda. The first meeting of this group should be in the first half of April, and it will make a presentation at our meeting on the strategy debate at the end of April.

If you would like to help organise the Summer Camp, please contact us at lag.internationals@dielinke.berlin.


Meeting with Iraqi activists

Last week. we met with Iraqi Leftists in Berlin who are interested in cooperating more with die LINKE. We are helping organising meetings for them with the parliamentary fraction, the International department and the rosa luxemburg stiftung.

We will also probably organise a joint meeting with them about the current situation in Iraq (probably date and place: 14 February in Karl Liebknecht Haus).


Film showing: Taste of Cement (with Anti-Colonial film group)

We met with Ziad Khaltoum, Berlin-based Syrian director of the Film “Taste of Cement” (review here). Together with the Anticolonial film group, we’d like to organise a showing of the film at the FU, followed by a discussion with Ziad. More information to follow.


Meeting with Sudanese activists

Sudanese activists have invited us to a meeting in late January / early February to discuss future cooperation. If you’d like to be part of this discussion, please contact us at lag.internationals@dielinke.berlin.


Working with Indian activists

Berlin for India has now organised a few demos and is meeting on a weekly basis. They have invited us to join their meeting. Anyone who is interested in this, please contact us at lag.internationals@dielinke.berlin.


Meeting of Egyptian activists

Egyptian activists in Berlin are meeting soon. We will keep in touch of them about any possible future cooperation

Berlin LINKE Internationals on the road

Members of our group have been invited to speak at 3 separate LINKE meetings about current developments in the USA and the UK. We'll publish details about these meetings on our Website and would welcome your support.