Minutes of our organising meeting, 11th March 2020

How did our recent meetings go?

  • Textile factory in Bangladesh

  • Join meeting with Berlin for Bernie

  • Fighting Fascism from Greece to Germany


We had good discussions and 40 people signed up to our mailing lists. Videos of the last two meetings will be on www.theleftberlin.com soon. There‘s a general discussion to be had about our meetings, which will appear later in these minutes.

We had technical problems, which we need to anticipate better next time.


Our „normal“ meetings

On 23 March, Jagat Sohail will be talking with Antony Hamilton on „Citizenship and violence – in India, Britain and Germany“ https://www.theleftberlin.com/events/citizenship-and-racist-violence-in-india-the-uk-and-germany: 7pm in the Roter Laden.


To advertise the event, we‘ll be visiting bars in Kreuzberg and Neukölln on Friday, 20 March. Meeting point: Südblock at 8pm. Tom will bring papers and posters. Who‘s going to bring sellotape? https://www.theleftberlin.com/events/giving-our-leaflets-and-posters-in-kreuzberg-and-neukolln


On 27th April, Tomas Uson will be talking about social movements in Latin America. We’ll be trying to get a female speaker to join him and talk about the recent women’s struggles. Hanna is on it. https://www.theleftberlin.com/events/social-movements-in-latin-america


We have a number of questions about the format of our meetings – are the monthly meetings just reproducing our public meetings? Do we want to offer more theoretical discussion? Is the Roter Laden the correct venue? We had the first discussions about these questions this evening, and will carry on the discussion at our special meeting on 21st April (more later) https://www.theleftberlin.com/events/special-meeting-and-elections


In May, we’ll drop our normal meeting and instead mobilise for the joint Berlin for India / rosa luxemburg stiftung meeting on India, which we are supporting.


In June (22nd), the meeting will be on LGBTQ rights. Exact subject and speakers tbc.



21 March

Its still not sure whether the LINKE Neukölln Conference will be cancelled because of the Coronovirus. A meeting tomorrow will decide.


If it does take place, we have a workshop at 10am on what die LINKE can learn from the international left. Speakers are Carmela Negrete from Spain, Thom McGath from the USA and a speaker from Berlin for India. https://www.theleftberlin.com/events/was-kann-die-linke-von-der-internationalen-linken-lernen


The demo for the International Day against racism should take place in Rudow at 1pm. We will call on people to meet at the Zuckmayer-Oberschule (venue of the conference) at 12 and go to the demo together, After the demo, we’ll ask people to go back to the conference. At the conference and demo, we’ll have leaflets (Tom or Judith responsible) and a banner (Phil will bring it)


More info after we hear what exactly will be happening and what will be cancelled because of the virus and what is still going on.



LAG perspectives meeting

On 21st April at 7pm, we have a meeting in Karl Liebknecht Haus (Meeting Room 3). The original main subject was the strategy discussion in die LINKE. As none of our candidates could get to the conference (too full) and as a result of today’s discussion, we have a new idea.


The main discussion will be – how is the LAG Internationals doing? How can we do it better? One of the main discussions will be what meetings we offer, when and where (see comments above).


We will also be (re-)electing our speakers, treasurer and Party Conference delegates. If you want to stand for any of these posts or want to know more, please get in touch.



Other LAG meetings




LINKE Mitte Feminism conference

We have one workshop in the programme. The organisers want people to support the attempt to get funding. More info to follow.


Web team report

Our Web team is now posting 5-10 articles on our Website every week. We still need support in deciding which articles we should commission. If you can help, please get in touch.

We’re planning a workshop at our Summer Camp on how you can make a short film for the website.


Public Meeting with Iraqi soclalists

This meeting will probably happen in April. Waiting for confirmation from the Iraqis


Stickers and visiting cards

Antony need to correct the error in the Arabic text in the proposed stickers. Phil need to then put him in touch with the printers


We need final stickers and visiting cards by 1 May at the absolute latest. Even better at our meeting on 21 April.



As ever, we’ll have a stall at the MyFest on 1 May at Mariannenplatz. We’ll be setting up a doodle soon to make sure that all shifts are covered.


We can also help other non-German groups who want a stall. Please get in touch,


LINKE Tag der Mitglieder, 2 May

On 2 May, die LINKE Berlin has a members day, and we need someone to represent our group. If you’re interested. please get in touch.


Fest der LINKEN. 20 June

We also have a stall at the Fest der LINKEn. A doodle will follow.



Die LINKE Berlin Internationals



Join our mailing list – send a message to lag.internationals@die-linke-berlin.de