Minutes of our organising meeting, 11th February 2020

1. What’s happening in the world?

Sinn Fein victory in the Irish election, Bernie Sanders triumphant in Iowa and New Hampshire, People of Colour deported in Britain. We’re trying to get articles on all of these on our Website www.theleftberlin.com

2. Meeting at the LINKE Mitte Feminist Conference, 23 May

We are supporting the conference and would be happy to organise workshops there. Possible subjects:

  • Laura Miles on her new book “Transgender Resistance, and the fight for liberation today”

  • Polish women on the fight for abortion rights

  • The role of Art in fighting sexism

  • Women from (e.g.) Sudan; India and Latin America report on their role in leading current social movements

Some of us have joined the Messenger group preparing the conference and we will attend the fortnightly organising meetings. If you are interested, please get in touch


3. Public meeting on Golden Dawn and the NSU

The online invitation is here.

Phil, Christos, Tom and Judith will create a shorter version to use on a flyer. This should contain some extra text on Thüringen.

We would like to have 100 flyers printed out to give out on the buses to Erfurt on Saturday (see below), then get more printed professionally. The LAG Antifa is seeing whether it can cover print costs.

We will ask the Berlin LINKE Newsletter, LINKE districts and working groups and local anti-racist and antifa groups to help publicize. If you know of any such groups, please let us know.


4. Our “normal” meetings

On 24 February, Tekle Selargrew will expose the working practices in Bangladeshi clothing factories

On 23 March, we have a slight change of emphasis. Alongside a speaker from Berlin for India talking about the new citizenship laws, someone (Antony?) will talk about deportations of Black Britons.

On 27 April, Tomas Uson will be back from Peru and Chile to talk about social movements in Latin America


5. Meeting at the LINKE Neukölln Conference, 21 March

We are organising a workshop (in German) with the title Strategy debate goes on: what can we learn from the international left? With Carmela Negrete (Spain), Thom McGath (USA) and Berlin for India (invited). The meeting will be at 10am

Contact person is Antigoni


6. LINKE Strategy Debate

A few of us are on the waiting list for the conference in Kassel on 29 February / 1 March. It will also be live streamed-

In April we are organising a meeting to discuss the following:

  • report back from the Strategy Conference and what we think

  • prepare motions for the next LINKE Berlin party conference

  • (re-)election of conference delegate, speakers and treasurer

At this meeting there should also be report backs from the groups organising our conference and Hermsdorf (see below)

The meeting will take place on Tuesday. 21st April. We’re still negotiating a venue.


7. Week-end Conference

We want to organise a conference in the second half of 2020 bringing together activists from current international social movements.

As our original financial plan was unsuccessful, we need to meet and discuss a Plan B.

We are organising a meeting on how to go forward. Please fill in the dudle here.


8. Stickers and Visiting Cards

In one of the stickers, the arabic text is the wrong way round. Once this is corrected, let’s get them (and the visiting cards) printed.


9. Possible Podcast

We are considering setting up a podcast with (for example) Victor Grossman’s Berlin Bulletin, preview of our monthly meetings and interviews with groups who are working with us (eg Berlin for India, Sudan Uprising)

If you’re interested in being part of this, please get in touch.


10. Demo against the AfD in Erfurt on Saturday (15 February)

See the call for action in various languages here.

Die LINKE Berlin is organising 2 buses which will leave the Haus des Reisens, Alexanderstraße 7 at 8am on Saturday and return by around 21.30 the same day. Tickets cost between €15 and €25 (pay what you can afford

We are trying to organise that we all travel in the same bus. If you’d like to book tickets, please contact us at lag.internationals@dielinke.berlin


11. Summer Camp in Hermsdorf

In the week-end of 18-19 July we will be having our annual Summer Camp in the Naturfreundehaus in Hermsdorf, North-East of Berlin. Its a mixture of social events, getting to know each other and workshops to discuss our coming work. You can see some of the results of last year’s camp here.

Last year worked better than previous years because of good preparation. We’d therefore like to organise a first preparation meeting at the beginning of April. If you’d like to attend, please fill in the Dudle here.


12. Defender 2020

NATO is planning massive manouvres in Germany in 2020 (more info here)

We support the campaign of the German anti-war movement against this, and will organise a video/photo action, probable around our meeting on 23 March

Watch this space


13. Joining our group

If you like what we’re doing, please fill in this form. It doesn’t cost you anything except 30 seconds of your time, but it helps us do what we do


Die LINKE Berlin Internationals



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