Minutes of the Berlin LINKE Internationals Orga meeting, 1st March 2021

1. March meeting (Gentrification)

  • technics

    • Hanna will set organise

    • Luis can help check questions put on facebook

  • chair

    • Jaime

  • questions for the speakers:

  • Round 1: current campaigns

    • Jaime will ask each of you to tell us about the anti-gentrification campaign you’re currently involved with

  • Round 2: Building the DWE campaign

    • Question to Joanna: why should non-Germans be interested in DWE? How are they involved already?

    • Question to Karen: migrants to blame for gentrification? How have you involved people who think they may be part of the problem?

    • Question to Hülya: how do we make campaigns against gentrification attractive to non-Germans? Can you tell us about how campaigns that you have been involved in have involved people with “migrant background”

  • Round 3: What happens when its all over?

    • Question to Karen: What would be the impact of a victory in Berlin to campaigns in other countries?

    • Question to Joanna and Hülya: What can we continue do with the networks that we have built up after the campaign is over?

2. April meeting

  • Subject: Covid: is there a left response?

  • Speakers. 3 from:

    • virologist (best Rob Wallace), if not John Puntis?

    • Researcher on vaccines [Jaime to ask?]

    • someone on who are behind Anti-Vaxxers

    • someone on who is getting vaccines

    • someone on Global South

Some speakers can cover more than one area

3. May meeting

  • send letter sent to speakers with extra proposals

4. Neukölln meeting 1 (ONK)

  • We sent a proposal to Ferat of a workshop about non-Germans and racism

  • We’ll wait for a response from ONK before discussing in more detail


5. Neukölln meeting 2 (LINKE conference)

  • Franziska Brychcy and Thom McGath on Non-Germans, the e´general election and Deutsche Wohnen & Co Enteignen

  • Language: English

  • Antigoni has offered us a slot from 10.15-11.45. We’re seeing if a later slot is possible.


6. Meeting on 10 years Occupy Wall Street / The Squares

  • Speakers: Occupy Wall Street, 15M, France / Greece / Arab Spring

  • Date: either as a second workshop at ONK or in July