The Conspiracy Against Choice: Why abortion rights are under attack in Poland, Brazil and the USA
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2021 Kickoff meeting
Help decide the future of
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Film: Gegen den Strom / Against the Tide
The Left and the US Presidential Election
aequa Community Centre
Organizing after Summer Camp
Summer Camp
NaturFreundehaus Hermsdorfer Fließtal
Monthly meeting of the theleftberlin editorial team
Grillfläche Tempelhofer Feld - Oderstraß
Preparing Summer Camp
Grillfläche Tempelhofer Feld - Oderstraß
Rule of law and law enforcement in France in the 21st century
Berlin Internationals orga meeting August 2020
Meeting of the Web team
DIE LINKE. Neukölln
LINKE Internationals Organising meeting
James- Simon Park
LINKE Berlin Internationals July Organising meeting
Occupation, Annexation and Racism: Where is Israel going under Netanyahu?
Live stream
Organising meeting
Ten Years after the Arab Spring: New Insurgencies in the Arab World
Online - Join using link below
#BlackLivesMatter - What we can all do to fight racism
Italy - suffering and resistance in the heart of COVID-19
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Berlin LINKE Internationals Organising meeting
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Coronavirus and internationalism: Solidarity á la Cuba
Meeting of our Webteam
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COVID-19 crisis: The role of the EU and left answers
Berlin LINKE Internationals Orga meeting
Online Meeting
Social Movements in Latin America
The Coronavirus in Gaza, Spain and New York
The Coronavirus in Gaza, Spain and New York
Berlin LINKE Internationals Organizing meeting
Berlin LINKE Internationals Orga Online
Citizenship and racist violence - in India, the UK and Germany
Meeting to prepare our international conference
skype: lag.internationals@die-linke-berlin
Organising meeting
Café Plume
Fighting Fascism / Faschismus bekämpfen
What Sanders would mean for transatlantic cooperation
Bar Tour
Visiting a Bangladeshi Clothing factory - or why there is not ethical consumption under capitalism
Roter Laden
LINKE Internationals February Organizing meeting
Café Plume
Bush fire catastrophe. Why is Australia burning?
Roter Laden
Orga meeting - planning 2020
Café Plume
Join us on the Liebknecht-Luxemburg Demo
Frankfurter Tor
Planning our Website in 2020
Café Plume
No War with Iran! | Kein Krieg gegen Iran!
Embassy of the United States of America
Keihnachtsfest / Not-Christmas party
Café Plume
What's happening in Gaza? Meeting with Ahmed Abu Artema
Café Plume
The coming British election - why we need a Corbyn government
Roter Laden, Weberwiese 17
Berlin LINKE Internationals organising meeting
Café Plume
Why are Berlin's rents rising and what can we do about it?
Die LINKE Neukölln, Wipperstraße 6
“Tao Po”, a cultural performance and dialogue
Al Hamra
Alternative Reunification Day: Victor Grossman Book Presentation
Roter Laden
System Change not Climate Change: how can we save the planet?
Weidenweg 17
Summer Camp: Forms of Resistance in Dark Times
What is La France Insoumise and where are they going?
Café Plume