The Coronavirus in Gaza, Spain and New York
The Coronavirus in Gaza, Spain and New York
Social Movements in Latin America
Online Event - address coming later
Summer Camp
NaturFreundehaus Hermsdorfer Fließtal
Berlin LINKE Internationals Organizing meeting
Berlin LINKE Internationals Orga Online
Citizenship and racist violence - in India, the UK and Germany
Meeting to prepare our international conference
skype: lag.internationals@die-linke-berlin
Organising meeting
Café Plume
Fighting Fascism / Faschismus bekämpfen
What Sanders would mean for transatlantic cooperation
Bar Tour
Visiting a Bangladeshi Clothing factory - or why there is not ethical consumption under capitalism
Roter Laden
LINKE Internationals February Organizing meeting
Café Plume
Bush fire catastrophe. Why is Australia burning?
Roter Laden
Orga meeting - planning 2020
Café Plume
Join us on the Liebknecht-Luxemburg Demo
Frankfurter Tor
Planning our Website in 2020
Café Plume
No War with Iran! | Kein Krieg gegen Iran!
Embassy of the United States of America
Keihnachtsfest / Not-Christmas party
Café Plume
What's happening in Gaza? Meeting with Ahmed Abu Artema
Café Plume
The coming British election - why we need a Corbyn government
Roter Laden, Weberwiese 17
Berlin LINKE Internationals organising meeting
Café Plume
Why are Berlin's rents rising and what can we do about it?
Die LINKE Neukölln, Wipperstraße 6
“Tao Po”, a cultural performance and dialogue
Al Hamra
Alternative Reunification Day: Victor Grossman Book Presentation
Roter Laden
System Change not Climate Change: how can we save the planet?
Weidenweg 17
Summer Camp: Forms of Resistance in Dark Times
What is La France Insoumise and where are they going?
Café Plume