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#BlackLivesMatter - What we can all do to fight racism

Joint Meeting with Die LINKE Wedding Speaker Antony Hamilton (author "A Rebel's Guide to Malcolm X" Location:
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18 Jun 2020, 19:00

About the Event

The murder of George Floyd by US police has caused a mass uprising. Throughout the US, people have risen up against police brutality. Although the immediate demands were to jail the cops responsible for the murder, other demands have very quickly surfaced – pro-refugee, against poverty, anti-capitalist. There have been demonstrations in all 50 US States – even Alaska and Hawaii. These demonstrations were generally led by People of Colour, but have been young, racially mixed, with significant participation by women. And they have been effective: without the uprising, the 4 cops would not have been charged with George Floyd’s murder. North Carolina has now refused to hold the Republican convention. And even Trump’s Joint Chiefs of Staff rejected his threat to send in the army. The protests have now spread internationally, with over 100,000 demonstrating in Germany on 6 June, 20,000 in Berlin. Despite the fear of COVID-19, we are taking to the streets in our anger and solidarity. And our demos are also young and diverse. What tactics are possible in times of lockdown? Is damage to property legitimate? Is it enough for US-Americans to wait for Joe Biden to win the coming election? And what can we do in Europe to show our solidarity, and to fight against racism and oppression here? To try and answer these questions, Die LINKE Wedding has invited Antony Hamilton to speak to us on 18 June. Antony is the author of A Rebel’s Guide to Malcolm X, and is the author of the recent article “What anti-racist action do we need?”

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