Eine S-Bahn für Alle

Almost unnoticed by a broader public, the red-red-green senate in Berlin – pushed forward by the Green’s Transport Senator Regine Günther - has decided to put the S-Bahn out to tender. If not stopped, two thirds of the operation will be awarded to private companies in a tendering process worth up to eight billion euros. This threatens to privatise and dismantle the unique S-Bahn network in Berlin at the expense of employees, passengers as well as the climate. 

In December 2019, the „Eine S-Bahn für Alle“ alliance was formed by unionized train drivers, the climate justice movement, members of the parties Die LINKE and SPD as well as anti-privatisation organisations. Our goal is to inform the public about the on-going privatisation and build pressure to force senate to stop the tender process. 

You can support us in many ways: 

  • Follow us on Twitter and Facebook,

  • Help us collect signatures. Signature lists and information can be found on our homepage, Inform your friends and family about what is happening. 

  • Join our next protest on June 19, 3pm at Annemirl-Bauer-Platz (S Ostkreuz). 

  • If you or your organization want to join the alliance, please contact us at einesbahnfueralle@protonmail.com.